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Green Skies Ahead for Desert Jet

May 19, 2009, La Quinta, California — Desert Jet has formed a strategic partnership with TerraPass®, the leading retailer of carbon offsets. The offset program is designed to reduce the carbon footprint resulting from private air transportation by funding clean energy and greenhouse gas reduction projects.

This new partnership allows Desert Jet clients to directly balance out all carbon emissions produced during each charter flight. A simple calculation will determine the aircraft’s C02 emissions, which can then be mitigated by funding TerraPass projects. Some of the clean energy projects include wind power, farm power (which produces clean electricity from animal waste), and landfill gas capture.

“Air travel overall is responsible for three percent of the worldwide carbon dioxide emissions, with a small portion of that attributed to business aircraft,” said Mani Ott, Director of Safety. “As a socially-minded jet charter business, it is imperative we offer our clients this program so together we can play an active role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

Desert Jet has already made huge strides in its efforts to reduce the impact of air transportation on the environment. Desert Jet operates aircraft with the newest, quietest, fuel-efficient engines. These high-performance aircraft are able to climb very quickly, reducing the noise impact on the community. In addition, Desert Jet has made its operation more efficient by selling “one-way” flights, reducing the instances their aircraft fly empty. Any remaining empty flights are donated to compassion organizations such as the Corporate Angel Network and Angel Flight West, both nonprofit organizations that provide non-emergency transportation on private aircraft to those with medical and other compelling human needs, and animal rescue organizations such as Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue.

About Desert Jet
Desert Jet specializes in private jet charter, and also offers a wide range of transportation solutions to include aircraft management, shared ownership with locally-based aircraft, block charter and whole-aircraft ownership. Desert Jet’s premier fleet of beautiful, modern jet aircraft are equipped with the latest safety technologies and maintained by factory service centers. Desert Jet’s pilots are some of the most experienced and well-trained pilots in the industry, with an average flight time of over 7500 hours. Two captains are assigned to every charter and Desert Jet boasts a perfect safety record. For more information please call (800) 381-JETS, email at or visit our website at

About TerraPass
Launched in 2004, TerraPass is a leading consumer retailer and marketer of greenhouse gas reduction offsets and consumer energy efficiency products. Over 150,000 TerraPasses have been sold to individuals, families and businesses to balance out the global warming impact of their flying, driving and home energy use. Together, TerraPass customers have reduced more over one billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, the primary cause of climate change. TerraPass carbon offsets fund clean energy and carbon reduction projects throughout the U.S., including wind power, farm power, and landfill gas capture. Every TerraPass offset purchase is verified against industry leading standards by an independent third party. For more information visit

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