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The Not-So-Private Jet

Recently, the Federal Aviation Administration dismantled the Blocked Aircraft Registration Request (BARR), enabling all aircraft movements across the country to be tracked and followed. Previously, aircraft operators could opt in to have aircraft movements not display on publicly-available Internet sources such as Many companies are now are vulnerable to industrial espionage as their competition can watch them fly to visit clients and close deals.

There are two ways to continue to have your aircraft movements kept private from voyeurs. If you have a valid security concern, you can request the FAA continue to keep your movements private. However, the FAA has announced they have no format for submitting this request, and have no plans to institute a procedure to approve any requests submitted.

The other way to protect your privacy is to fly under a call sign. Call signs are used in place of registration numbers and are assigned to management and charter companies who operate a fleet of aircraft. Instead of filing a flight plan under your aircraft registration number, your flight plan would be filed under the call sign of the charter or management company, making movements under your aircraft registration number completely private. While most Part 91 corporate flight departments cannot be assigned a call sign, many Part 135 companies have one. Of course, you’ll want to find the right charter company that operates their company in a manner similar to the way your flight department operates in order to have a good fit.

If your flight department has a valid security concern but cannot block your aircraft movements through the FAA’s new valid security concern procedure, you should consider adding your aircraft to a Part 135 certificate, which will allow you to continue protect the privacy of your company’s fleet.

Keep Your Private Jet Movements Private

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