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Choosing the Right Charter Aircraft

When choosing a charter aircraft for your next flight, there are many variables you should consider, such as;

  • The number of passengers traveling
  • The distance away to the destination
  • The amount of luggage you need to transport
  • Any special needs such as traveling with pets, carrying over-sized or delicate equipment, needing on-board communications equipment

Light jets, such as the Citation Encore, are great aircraft for smaller groups that need to travel within a specified region with minimal luggage. Midsize jets, such as the Hawker 800, have the range to carry passengers longer distances with added space and comfort in the cabin. Heavy jets, such as the Gulfstream IV, have the capabilities to fly transoceanic flights with larger groups.

TCharter Aircraft Desert Jethese guidelines are broad and don’t fit every situation. For example, while a light jet may not be as spacious for a four hour flight across the country as a Midsize jet, you may find it meets your price point.  Since its just you traveling this time, you decide to accept the smaller cabin size.  However, on a different occasion, you might have six of your employees traveling with you.  They need to work on a project on the way to a meeting with your top client so they need more space to work during flight.  They might even require wi-fi, use of the satellite phone and a fax machine. Choosing a well-equipped midsize or heavy charter aircraft will meet your needs better on this occasion.

As you pinpoint your needs, you’ll find an experienced charter professional can help you choose the right charter aircraft at the right price.

Find the Right Charter Aircraft to Fit Your Needs

You can reach a charter professional at Desert Jet right now at (800) 381-JETS or internationally at (760) 399-1000.

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