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Clearing Customs in Canada by Private Jet

When traveling to Canada by private jet, you’ll find Canadian customs procedures to be a bit different than those utilized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

One of the main differences you’ll experience before you even leave the United States is that your captain will ask you if you have anything to declare upon arrival in Canada.  During the captain’s preflight preparations, an initial submission of your travel documentation was provided to the Canada Border Services Agency.  Prior to departure, and normally during the boarding process, the captain must make a final telephone call to customs and provide them with your customs declaration.  Once this has been completed, the aircraft can proceed to depart for Canada.

Upon landing at an authorized Canadian airport of entry, the captain will make another telephone call to Canadian customs, this time informing them that the aircraft has landed.  At this point, Customs will either clear the aircraft and passengers over the phone, or will direct the captain to taxi to the customs facility where a visual inspection and clearance process can commence.

One item to be aware of – Canada has strict immigration policies concerning misdemeanor and felony records.  If you plan to visit Canada and you have a blemished record regarding crimes such as shoplifting, assault, possession of controlled substances such as marijuana, or driving under the influence (DUI), you could be denied entrance into Canada, especially if the event occurred within the last ten years.  Be sure to consult with your charter operator prior to a flight into Canada if these conditions may apply to your situation.  Desert Jet has extensive experience dealing with Canadian customs and is ready to assist with your next flight.  Call us at (760) 399-1000 for a no-obligation charter quote.

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