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How to Choose a Base for Your New Aircraft

When planning for the acquisition of a new aircraft, one of the considerations will be where you should base the aircraft.

There are numerous factors to take into consideration when choosing the base for your new aircraft.  Generally, you’ll need to choose a specific airport and then choose a facility at that airport.

When choosing an airport, you’ll want to consider convenience and airport capabilities.  An airport that is closest to your home or place of business is best, as long as the airport has the capabilities needed to safely accommodate your new aircraft’s operations.  Involving your flight department manager or chief pilot in this decision is critical as you consider the capabilities of the runway.  He/she will determine if the length of the runway is sufficient to allow your new aircraft to fly its intended missions safely and if the weight bearing capacity of the runway meets the requirements of your aircraft.  In some cases, flying from a particular airport is more important than the aircraft that is chosen, and the outcome of this review could lead to the purchase of a more capable aircraft for that particular airport.  Other considerations include the weather patterns at the airport and whether the airport has sufficient equipment to allow operations during inclement weather.

Once you have narrowed your airport list, you’ll search for an FBO, if given the choice of multiple service providers.  High on the list should be availability and costs for hangar and full service fuel, followed by services offered such as towing, ground service equipment and office space, if required.  If you don’t have your own maintenance personnel, having maintenance based at your hangar is a big plus.

Desert Jet can assist with the selection of your base for your new aircraft, including negotiating for hangar space and fuel purchases.  Contact us today at (760) 284-8799 to speak with a member of our aircraft acquisition and management team.

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