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Keeping Your Aircraft’s Avionics Repair Costs Under Control

When aircraft avionics fail, the repair costs can be quite substantial.  Computers are now integrating into virtually every part of our lives and we all know that they fail occasionally.  Modern aircraft are no exception; even though the computers within our modern aircraft are extremely reliable, even they can fail.  When these computers fail, the repair costs can exceed budgets for annual maintenance. When a repair is done, the whole computer unit must be taken out of the storage racks and replaced with a new unit, referred to as a “box” or “boxes” which are then installed into the metal cases mounted within racks in the aircraft.  Most of the aircraft computers or avionics “boxes” range from $ 30,000 to $150,000 each and most aircraft contain several of these separate computers.

The Honeywell Avionics Protection Program offers complete, fixed cost coverage with flexible payment options under contract for 12 months or several years. Special pricing is also available for operators with a fleet of aircraft.  This program provides support directly from the factory, identical to the original warranty.  This coverage includes prompt support around the clock from a worldwide network of over 600 authorized sales and service centers and supply depots.  Honeywell also offers rental and exchange services for extremely time critical repairs that will allow aircraft to takeoff in no time.  Honeywell will also provide complimentary airfreight and will loan temporary avionics computers while failed components are under repair.   They will even allow the contract to transfer to a new owner if the aircraft is sold or leased.

Main avionics computer replacement can exceed upwards of $100,000 without coverage and most replacement incidents will exceed $30,000 for supplemental avionics computers and components.  Minor repairs or exchanges can easily exceed $50,000 per instance.  With the annual program subscriptions available for approximately $30,000, the program will pay for itself with one component failure.  I was very skeptical of these programs at first and felt the manufacturers were making huge profits off the program. But when a former flight department I worked with experienced several failures of computers that required expedited, overnight services to have the aircraft ready to accommodate the next passenger’s travels, I realized the true value behind Honeywell’s program.  We would have spent much more than what we had invested in the maintenance programs without the program coverage.  It pays to be covered with affordable, fixed costs and budgeting with any aircraft, period.



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