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What is an Aircraft Dry Lease?

A dry lease enables an aircraft owner to legally earn revenue by allowing an entity to use the aircraft through a contractual agreement.  Typically, the aircraft can be leased hourly, monthly or annually.  The reference to a “dry” lease means that the aircraft is being provided without fuel or flight crew.  The entity leasing the aircraft normally provides fuel and flight crew during its own operations, or obtains these services from an independent third party such as a management or pilot services company.

In the case where the dry lessee is a charter company that places the aircraft in revenue-generating operations for the aircraft owner, the charter company pays for the fuel and the flight crew when it operates the aircraft. This arrangement generally works very well for the aircraft owner who does not have need to employ a flight crew, such as an owner who is also the pilot of the aircraft, or an owner who desires to place the aircraft into a full time dry lease scenario.

Interested in a Dry Lease?

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