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Corporate Jets – The Indespensible Business Tool

Let Desert Jet make your trip more productive – charter a corporate jet for your next business flight.

Travel has been a part of business since the beginning of time. From the days of taking ocean liners to visit business centers across the ocean, to driving cars across country to visit clients a state or two away, the face to face meeting with customers is a staple of business. Airlines make travel easier. But, you still have to work around their schedule, and airlines schedule for the best utilization of their assets, not your needs.

Using the airlines, travel to more than one city in a day requires logistics that rival a battle plan. Having to run through huge hub airports, changing aircraft, changing gates or terminals, and the unknown length of time you’re going to spend in line at security, hardly puts you in a mindset for peak performance. Then there is that gnawing thought in the back of your mind that a cancellation or a lost bag could ruin your day.

The new “Global Economy” makes travel even more important, and can make the distances much greater. Competition is tougher than ever. Efficiency has become the key to business success, best reached by using the corporate jet.

Traveling in Desert Jet’s corporate jets gives you the opportunity to refine your travel to make the most of your time. Consider these advantages:

  • Your team can use the plane to prepare for your meeting and use the plane as your very own private meeting room. There is nothing as private as the inside of a jet at 40,000 feet!
  • There are over 5,000 airports in the United States alone and most aren’t serviced by the airlines. Corporate jets can fly into airports much closer to your destination.
  • The schedule is up to you. Plan your departures to get you to your destination at a time that is convenient for you and your team, not the airlines.
  • Get to your destination, close the deal, and get home to your family the same day.
  • You’ll never risk lost luggage or equipment a your items travel with you at all times.
  • Stop excessive wasted time in airport terminals. At most airports, you can drive your car directly to the plane, board and go.

All these features are why the most successful companies in the world use corporate jets to enhance their bottom line. Efficiency is more important now than ever. Wasting time traveling inefficiently is no longer an option.

Make Your Next Flight Count – Fly on a Corporate Jet

Let our charter experts help you be as efficient as possible by booking your next flight in a corporate jet.  Call Desert Jet for your next business trip at (760) 399-1000.

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