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Desert Jet Values Safety

At Desert Jet we have been leading the way in one of the most important culture changes in aviation history, the implementation and practice of a Safety Management System.   Desert Jet’s dedication to improving how we operate and make decisions is influenced by our ability to dramatically reduce the amount of risk we operate by.  Desert Jet was one of the first companies to become IS-BAO compliant, which means we adhere to one the highest levels of customer quality control measures, safety and operations procedures.  IS-BAO focus is 100% on how effortlessly a company has implemented a SMS program.  Which helps companies like ours deliver a level of service for our clients that they can trust and rely on

Historically, aviation safety has been built upon the reactive analysis of past accidents and then implementation of corrective actions to prevent the recurrence of those events. With today’s extremely low accident rate, it is increasingly difficult to make further improvements to the level of safety by using this approach. Moving to a proactive approach to managing concentrates on the control of processes rather than solely relying on changing behavior following an incident. The (SMS) is an expression indicating that safety efforts are most effective when made a fully integrated part of the business operation.

Desert Jet’s SMS program has helped mold our behavior in how we view and operate our business.  Every segment and level of our organization has become part of the safety culture that promotes and practices risk reduction.


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