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Fuel Surcharges: Why?

Fuel prices are on a roller coaster ride and aviation, or Jet A, fuel is not immune to the constant changes.  We all have to keep our eyes and ears open for cheaper prices, incentives with minimum purchase or pricing trends that may be coming due to newsworthy circumstances.  However, during a business trip or a much needed vacation should not be the time that you need to worry about how fuel prices are going to affect you.

Desert Jet prides itself on our diligence and perseverance in obtaining the best possible fuel prices, no matter where our customers want to go.  We utilize industry-specific software and vendor contract accounts along with good old-fashioned negotiation skills to guarantee we always get the lowest price and the most benefit.

Because we use these methods on a consistent basis we aren’t as affected by weekly price changes and can keep our average price per gallon below the national average.  We pass this savings on to our customers, and avoid the need to impose any fuel surcharges.

Tired of Paying Inflated Fuel Surcharges?

If you have been stuck with paying inflated fuel surcharges on your private jet flights, next time call Desert Jet.  We’ll take you wherever you want to go, and we won’t make you pay extra to get there!  Call us for more information at (760) 284-8799.

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