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IS-BAO – What It Is and What Does it Mean in Aircraft Charter?

IS-BAO Desert JetIS-BAO stands for “International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations”.  This code of best practices was introduced by the International Business Aviation Council and has been widely adopted as the worldwide gold standard for business aircraft operations.  It is similar to the ISO-9000 quality management standards in the manufacturing industry.  The IS-BAO has been endorsed by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) as well as multinational organizations worldwide.  Audits are not provided by the organization, but rather by independent, third party auditors who are certificated by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC).

Desert Jet is one of the first 20 charter companies globally to achieve IS-BAO registration, a global aviation “best practices” standard that no charter brokers meet, and only a few charter companies have achieved.

IS-BAO is built around a Safety Management System (SMS), which helps evaluate and mitigate risk, and continuously improve practices and procedures. Conducted by independent third party auditors, the IS-BAO audit is a systematic, objective review that scrutinizes every facet of aviation operations, such as;

  • Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Organization and personnel
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Training programs
  • Domestic and international flight operations
  • Aircraft equipment and maintenance
  • Company operations manual
  • Emergency response plan
  • Environmental management
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Transport of dangerous goods
  • Security

Desert Jet created its own independent Safety Management System, written by Desert Jet’s safety committee and management team, to assist us in evaluating and mitigating our risks.  For example, we proactively consider every potential risk and hazard prior to a proposed flight, and then mitigate each of these risks to an acceptable safety level.  We have three levels of oversight before a flight is ever dispatched;

  1. When a request for a flight is received, our charter dispatchers complete a safety checklist covering items such as runway length, airport capabilities and passenger requirements that may affect the aircraft’s performance capabilities.
  2. Prior to dispatch, our Chief Pilot personally verifies that the weather is acceptable, the aircraft is airworthy and the pilots are fit (well-rested, qualified for the flight and have previous experience over the route to be flown).
  3. The Captain makes one final determination for suitability of the flight.  This process is ongoing and begins well before the scheduled flight.  The Captain uses the Flight Risk Assessment Tool to determine the actual risks present in the operating environment at the time of departure and scheduled arrival.  The Destination Airport Analysis Checklist is used in conjunction with this analysis to ensure that any unforeseen risks, such as rapidly changing weather conditions, do not affect the ability to use a particular airport.  If any usual risk is present, or if a pattern of risk presents itself, the Captain and Chief pilot together review the flight circumstances and proceed to mitigate the risk.  This might involve delaying a flight until conditions improve, or choosing more suitable alternate airport.  Once mitigation procedures have been implemented, the Director of Operations give final approval to dispatch the flight.  In any case, the flight is not dispatched until four personnel give the okay for safe operations – the charter dispatcher, the Captain, the Chief Pilot and the Director of Operations.

Desert Jet continually strives to proactively mitigate risks and improve its processes.  This is one more instance of Desert Jet’s commitment to provide customers with unsurpassed safety, performance, reliability, and personal service.

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