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VIPs – Jet Set Pets!

Have you or anyone you’ve known been concerned pets may not be welcome aboard charter jets?  More often than not your pets are just as much a VIP as you are aboard a charter jet.  If your pet does well with car rides; they will do well traveling by private jet.

There are the occasional pets that may not have traveled on charter jets, and will want to travel just like they would with their owner in the car.  A friend of mine told a story of a smaller dog that jumped into the captain’s lap during the takeoff roll just as the dog would do during a trip in the owner’s car!  The captain swiftly sent the dog back to the cabin for safety of flight reasons. But it sure gave the crew a good laugh.

Dogs and cats are more than welcome aboard any Desert Jet charter flight, and are actually encouraged.  Feel free to bring pet beds and travel carriers as they are items that work well to make pets feel right at home.   Your pets will be welcomed with a chilled water bottle and a drinking dish, as well as treats if allowed.  Desert Jet also carries piddle pads onboard just in case your pets get overly excited or may not be able to hold their bladders.

A former employer of mine had a great mascot named Schnapps; he was a Schnauzer that had acquired many hours of jet time and just loved riding along on any flight he was invited on.  Clients would usually invite Schnapps along and I always enjoyed his company.  As soon as the airstair would drop, he would swiftly take his position in the entry way of the aircraft, and was ready to greet clients and receive his invitation to join the day’s flight.  He was so clever that he actually stowed away on a flight!  The captain and I had completed our usual walk around the aircraft and cabin prior to departure, and had overlooked the fact the Schnapps had cleverly hidden behind the bulkhead in the rear lavatory.  As we were climbing through 30,000 feet or so on our way to pick up clients, we received Schnapps’ usual nose nudge underneath our armrests, requesting some petting and scratches.  All we could do at that point was laugh; Schnapps was a VIP whether he was invited or not!

When traveling abroad, pets are just as welcome, and usually only require paperwork be shown for proof of rabies shots and a document signed by a veterinarian within the last 15 days stating the animal is in good health and has had standard shots.  When traveling to Hawaii, requirements are a bit more strict.  Animals are required to be placed in a quarantine program for five days and must be at least three months old with all the standard shots.  Hawaii is particularly concerned with maintaining rabies-free islands.

There is no reason your best companion should stay home instead of accompanying you on your next jet charter flight.


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