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Private Jet Charter and the Border Overflight Permit

Due to U.S. Customs and Border Protection regulations, all private and commercial international flights without an overflight permit that cross into the United States from the southern U.S. border must stop at the first airport of entry to clear customs.

However, many private and commercial operators have the option to “overfly” the U.S. southern border airport of entry and proceed to a customs clearance location that is more convenient.  The process to obtain approval includes a formal application by the operator of four different items; the operator’s list of aircraft, the list of departure and arrival airports to be used, the list of all possible crew members, and a list of passengers.  The application process is quite thorough, involving various levels of background checks.  In most metropolitan locations where there is a major customs port, this overflight authority application could take four to six weeks to process for approval.

As a private jet charter operator chooses to add additional passenger names, destinations, or crew members to the overflight permit, an addendum to the original application must be submitted.  This again triggers a set of background checks.

Some operators are able to have names added to an overflight permit quite quickly.  However, not all private jet charter operators can keep up with the onerous maintenance requirements involved in using their overflight permits, so operators offer this valuable service are few and far between.

When traveling back to the U.S. on a private jet charter flight, be sure to check if your operator has an overflight permit.  Using an operator with an overflight permit can save you both time and money, preventing you from making an unnecessary stop at the border for customs.  Desert Jet has an overflight permit and is well-versed in accommodating last-minute requests for charter flights.

Need an Overflight Permit to Fly Nonstop on your Next Charter?

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