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San Jose

San Jose had been for the longest time relegated to third place in the Bay Area. It was thought that the area which was once a large farming community was behind the times. The Silicon Valley changed that, really changed that. Being located in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose started to boom and accelerated the already rapid growth of the area. Now the largest city in the SF Bay Area in terms of size, population, as well as industrial development; San Jose enjoys some real redeeming qualities.

Located in the southern portion of the Bay Area, San Jose enjoys warmer weather than its Oceanside cousin, San Francisco. Nestled in the base of a valley at the southern end of the bay, San Jose is nicely sheltered by the fog that normally blankets San Francisco and cities more northern in the area. Still being close to the Pacific affords for weather that is not nearly as hot as some of the cities farther inland. This locale strikes a nice balance for San Jose and it is easy to see why it has been so prosperous.

Attractions number quite a bit in the area nearby. Visitors can enjoy a thrilling game of Hockey at the HP Pavillion where the San Jose Sharks play. Being regular contenders for the Stanley Cup, each game is as exciting as the next. Before or after the game, be sure to stop by Santana Row where excellent dining options await, as well as unique shops to attend to one’s personal taste.

In addition to the attractions in town, just slightly out of town are other excellent sights to see. Just to the northwest is a small school you may have heard of, Stanford. This delightfully beautiful sprawling campus is the site of many events, playing off the stunning nature of the campus’ buildings. Any which way you go, San Jose is a great way to get that adventure started.

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