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Desert Jet Values Safety

At Desert Jet we have been leading the way in one of the most important culture changes in aviation history, the implementation and practice of a Safety Management System.   Desert Jet’s dedication to improving how we operate and make decisions is influenced by our ability to dramatically reduce the amount of risk we operate by. … Read More

IS-BAO – What It Is and What Does it Mean in Aircraft Charter?

IS-BAO stands for “International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations”.  This code of best practices was introduced by the International Business Aviation Council and has been widely adopted as the worldwide gold standard for business aircraft operations.  It is similar to the ISO-9000 quality management standards in the manufacturing industry.  The IS-BAO has been endorsed by… Read More

Corporate Jets – The Indespensible Business Tool

Let Desert Jet make your trip more productive – charter a corporate jet for your next business flight. Travel has been a part of business since the beginning of time. From the days of taking ocean liners to visit business centers across the ocean, to driving cars across country to visit clients a state or… Read More

What is a Fixed Base Operator?

As an aircraft charter operator utilizing over 5,000 airports nationwide, we are frequently asked about the infrastructure in place at various airports designated to service aircraft and allow passengers access to their aircraft.  Many airports utilize a private jet terminal, also known as an FBO or “Fixed Base Operator”. A fixed based operator could be… Read More

Private Jet Charter and the Border Overflight Permit

Due to U.S. Customs and Border Protection regulations, all private and commercial international flights without an overflight permit that cross into the United States from the southern U.S. border must stop at the first airport of entry to clear customs. However, many private and commercial operators have the option to “overfly” the U.S. southern border… Read More

VIPs – Jet Set Pets!

Have you or anyone you’ve known been concerned pets may not be welcome aboard charter jets?  More often than not your pets are just as much a VIP as you are aboard a charter jet.  If your pet does well with car rides; they will do well traveling by private jet. There are the occasional… Read More

Fuel Surcharges: Why?

Fuel prices are on a roller coaster ride and aviation, or Jet A, fuel is not immune to the constant changes.  We all have to keep our eyes and ears open for cheaper prices, incentives with minimum purchase or pricing trends that may be coming due to newsworthy circumstances.  However, during a business trip or… Read More

Flying High? Lower Might Be Better

Recently, we flew a first-time client who, unbeknownst to us, had just been released from the Mayo Clinic after having a successful lung operation.  When we met the client at the aircraft, he appeared to be in good health and made no mention of his recent medical experience. However, as we climbed up to our… Read More

Clearing Customs in Canada by Private Jet

When traveling to Canada by private jet, you’ll find Canadian customs procedures to be a bit different than those utilized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. One of the main differences you’ll experience before you even leave the United States is that your captain will ask you if you have anything to declare upon arrival… Read More

Choosing the Right Charter Aircraft

When choosing a charter aircraft for your next flight, there are many variables you should consider, such as; The number of passengers traveling The distance away to the destination The amount of luggage you need to transport Any special needs such as traveling with pets, carrying over-sized or delicate equipment, needing on-board communications equipment Light… Read More

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