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Aircraft Charter Basics

Study Shows Use of Business Aircraft Drives Success

The National Business Aviation Association and the No Plane, No Gain initiative recently responded to a Forbes editorial questioning the use of business aircraft with a recent study by NEXA Advisors.  The study clearly underscores that companies that use business aircraft outperform those that do not by a wide margin. Businesses that rely on aviation… Read More

Cessna Citation CJ3

Using the proven method of improving on past versions, the Citation CJ3 is here to play. Unveiled at the 2002 NBAA convention, the Citation CJ3 is a stretch of the CJ2, which is a stretch of the CJ1. With a cabin that is nearly 16 feet long, this version gives you even more room to… Read More

Corporate Jets – The Indespensible Business Tool

Let Desert Jet make your trip more productive – charter a corporate jet for your next business flight. Travel has been a part of business since the beginning of time. From the days of taking ocean liners to visit business centers across the ocean, to driving cars across country to visit clients a state or… Read More

What is a Fixed Base Operator?

As an aircraft charter operator utilizing over 5,000 airports nationwide, we are frequently asked about the infrastructure in place at various airports designated to service aircraft and allow passengers access to their aircraft.  Many airports utilize a private jet terminal, also known as an FBO or “Fixed Base Operator”. A fixed based operator could be… Read More

Private Jet Charter and the Border Overflight Permit

Due to U.S. Customs and Border Protection regulations, all private and commercial international flights without an overflight permit that cross into the United States from the southern U.S. border must stop at the first airport of entry to clear customs. However, many private and commercial operators have the option to “overfly” the U.S. southern border… Read More

VIPs – Jet Set Pets!

Have you or anyone you’ve known been concerned pets may not be welcome aboard charter jets?  More often than not your pets are just as much a VIP as you are aboard a charter jet.  If your pet does well with car rides; they will do well traveling by private jet. There are the occasional… Read More

Fuel Surcharges: Why?

Fuel prices are on a roller coaster ride and aviation, or Jet A, fuel is not immune to the constant changes.  We all have to keep our eyes and ears open for cheaper prices, incentives with minimum purchase or pricing trends that may be coming due to newsworthy circumstances.  However, during a business trip or… Read More

Flying High? Lower Might Be Better

Recently, we flew a first-time client who, unbeknownst to us, had just been released from the Mayo Clinic after having a successful lung operation.  When we met the client at the aircraft, he appeared to be in good health and made no mention of his recent medical experience. However, as we climbed up to our… Read More

Clearing Customs in Canada by Private Jet

When traveling to Canada by private jet, you’ll find Canadian customs procedures to be a bit different than those utilized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. One of the main differences you’ll experience before you even leave the United States is that your captain will ask you if you have anything to declare upon arrival… Read More

Choosing the Right Charter Aircraft

When choosing a charter aircraft for your next flight, there are many variables you should consider, such as; The number of passengers traveling The distance away to the destination The amount of luggage you need to transport Any special needs such as traveling with pets, carrying over-sized or delicate equipment, needing on-board communications equipment Light… Read More

ACANA- The Air Charter Association of North America

Desert Jet continually strives to adapt and maintain above and beyond standards in a fast evolving industry.  Teaming with the Air Charter Association of North America was an obvious fit for Desert Jet, as an organization that was formed to provide a benchmark for professionalism and excellence. Desert Jet is one of the few who… Read More

Arrivals at Canadian Airports

Desert Jet frequents quite a few Canadian airports that are ports of entry, including Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. Private jet arrivals into Canada are a simple process. Desert Jet’s operations department prepares all of the border crossing documents prior to departure, so the arrival is usually very easy. Our charter… Read More

The Three Hs of Aircraft Performance – Hot, High and Humid

As another summer rolls on in the desert of Southern California, many people look forward to summer vacations, barbeques, spending time with friends and family, and most importantly, finding ways to beat the heat! While our pilots at Desert Jet enjoy all these things, they are also preparing to battle the notorious weather that is… Read More

The Biggest Myth You’ll Face When Choosing a Private Jet Travel Option

When considering the options available to fulfill your private jet travel needs, you might receive recommendations about the various methods of travel available by someone that has never personally evaluated your travel needs.  This is a frequent occurrence in the aviation industry, as there are many sales people that try to oversimplify what is really… Read More

The Not-So-Private Jet

Recently, the Federal Aviation Administration dismantled the Blocked Aircraft Registration Request (BARR), enabling all aircraft movements across the country to be tracked and followed. Previously, aircraft operators could opt in to have aircraft movements not display on publicly-available Internet sources such as Many companies are now are vulnerable to industrial espionage as their competition… Read More

Private Jet Charter Quotes – Ten Terms You Should Know

When comparing private jet charter quotes, take note of the following ten items that might make a difference in which quote you choose; Hourly Rate The largest charge on your private jet charter quote will be the hourly cost to charter the aircraft.  The hourly rate will be based on either actual air flight time… Read More

Empty Legs and One-Ways – Making Sense of Air Charter Deals

Today’s savvy private jet traveler has a host of options available when choosing an air charter flight.  Just a few years ago, if one wanted to travel one-way, they would purchase a fractional share or a jet card.  Today, air charter is one of the best means of getting from point A to point B… Read More

The Only Way to Fly Private Jets… With Your Jet Set Pet

Consider the difficulties of traveling on the airlines these days and you’ll want to fly on private jets instead.  Then, add a pet to the equation.  With the restrictions put in place by the airlines, which vary from carrier to carrier, it can be difficult to take the family pet along on a trip.  Once… Read More

Aircraft Charter Safety Ratings – What Do They Really Mean?

When choosing an aircraft charter provider, it is important to determine whether the charter company you are considering meets the highest safety standards possible. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) conducts a lengthy certification process before ever granting an aircraft charter operator the authority to fly the general public.  In addition, the FAA has continual oversight… Read More

Air Charter – What You Don’t Ask Could Hurt You

Whether you utilize the services of a charter broker or contract directly with an air charter operator for your next private jet charter flight, the tough questions must be asked to ensure your flight meets all regulatory and safety standards.  After all, during an accident is the wrong time to learn that you have chartered… Read More

Air Charter Brokers and What You Should Know Before Using One

In our last private jet charter article we discussed the questions that should be asked of an air charter company when determining whether to utilize their services. In this article we’ll share some of the ins and outs of dealing with air charter brokers and jet card providers. An experienced and knowledgeable broker can be… Read More

Private Jet Charter – Tips to Ensure a Safe Flight

When choosing a private jet charter company for your next flight, there are several questions you should ask to ensure you are receiving not only the safest flight, but the best value for your money. What is the experience level of your pilots and how often do they train? The most important safety component during… Read More

Business Jet Charter – The Benefits You May Not Have Considered

  Traveling by way of the airlines used to be an enjoyable experience.  Often a fine meal would be served, and passengers were provided white glove service. Today, business travelers are forced to endure lengthy pre-board security screening, long lines at the airport, multiple connections, and a cattle-call atmosphere.  Fortunately there exists a great alternative… Read More

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