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Aircraft Management and Revenue

Study Shows Use of Business Aircraft Drives Success

The National Business Aviation Association and the No Plane, No Gain initiative recently responded to a Forbes editorial questioning the use of business aircraft with a recent study by NEXA Advisors.  The study clearly underscores that companies that use business aircraft outperform those that do not by a wide margin. Businesses that rely on aviation… Read More

What is a Certified Aviation Manager?

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) provides certification of aviation professionals through its Certified Aviation Manager program.  The certification process includes an in-depth qualification procedure which considers the applicant’s experience level in managerial positions as well as higher level education in aviation specialties.  The applicant’s experience and education is reviewed by a panel of Certified… Read More

Busting the Myths Behind the FAA Conformity Process

Myth: Adding an aircraft to a part 135 aircraft charter certificate through the FAA conformity process is long and expensive. Fact: The ease in which your aircraft goes through the FAA conformity process depends largely upon the expertise of the charter company’s management team, though the maintenance history of the aircraft also plays a part.… Read More

The Electronic Flight Bag Goes Digital

The Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) has evolved over the last 20 years from a complicated cumbersome addition to the cockpit to a device essential to the contemporary pilot.  The EFB is a device that allows flight crews to perform a variety of functions that were traditionally accomplished by using paper documents. The EFB can perform… Read More

Fuel Surcharges: Why?

Fuel prices are on a roller coaster ride and aviation, or Jet A, fuel is not immune to the constant changes.  We all have to keep our eyes and ears open for cheaper prices, incentives with minimum purchase or pricing trends that may be coming due to newsworthy circumstances.  However, during a business trip or… Read More

What is an Aircraft Dry Lease?

A dry lease enables an aircraft owner to legally earn revenue by allowing an entity to use the aircraft through a contractual agreement.  Typically, the aircraft can be leased hourly, monthly or annually.  The reference to a “dry” lease means that the aircraft is being provided without fuel or flight crew.  The entity leasing the… Read More

Keeping Your Aircraft’s Avionics Repair Costs Under Control

When aircraft avionics fail, the repair costs can be quite substantial.  Computers are now integrating into virtually every part of our lives and we all know that they fail occasionally.  Modern aircraft are no exception; even though the computers within our modern aircraft are extremely reliable, even they can fail.  When these computers fail, the… Read More

The Right Stuff and Corporate Jet Pilots

Choosing a pilot for your corporate jet should, at first glance, be an easy task to accomplish. Airline transport pilot certificate, first class medical certificate, type rating, education and experience; check!  These qualifications fit the requirements put in place by your insurance policy but are they really enough to ensure you have made the right… Read More

How to Choose a Base for Your New Aircraft

When planning for the acquisition of a new aircraft, one of the considerations will be where you should base the aircraft. There are numerous factors to take into consideration when choosing the base for your new aircraft.  Generally, you’ll need to choose a specific airport and then choose a facility at that airport. When choosing… Read More

How an Aircraft Manager Can Help You With Your Next Aircraft Purchase

When purchasing a jet aircraft, using a well-qualified team of professionals ensures you are provided the most accurate and beneficial guidance during the transaction. While you will likely contract with a broker to handle the acquisition, you shouldn’t stop there in assembling your acquisition team.  Ideally, your team will consist of your broker, an aviation… Read More

Charter Management Can Reduce Your Property Taxes

Place your aircraft on a Charter Management Agreement with Desert Jet.  It will earn charter revenue and reduce your property taxes! If your aircraft is 100% at your home-base airport, then you are responsible for 100% of the property taxes in that state.  However, if your aircraft is used in charter operations across the United… Read More

A Basic Guide to Generating Revenue with Your Jet

If you are using your jet less frequently now than when you first purchased it, you might be thinking of ways to reduce your ownership expenses. If you have a good management arrangement, either with the Chief Pilot/Director of Operations of your own flight department or with a well-respected management company, you probably have your… Read More

The Not-So-Private Jet

Recently, the Federal Aviation Administration dismantled the Blocked Aircraft Registration Request (BARR), enabling all aircraft movements across the country to be tracked and followed. Previously, aircraft operators could opt in to have aircraft movements not display on publicly-available Internet sources such as Many companies are now are vulnerable to industrial espionage as their competition… Read More

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