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Aircraft Detailing

Desert Jet employs aircraft detailing staff with a combined 20 years of detailing experience.

We offer the only FAA-compliant aircraft detailing in the desert.  Our highly-trained detail staff works closely with our maintenance team to ensure all cleaning is accomplished in accordance with the aircraft manufacturer’s maintenance manual and guidance.  As some aircraft detailing procedures are considered maintenance functions (such as wet washes), those procedures are supervised and inspected by our Part 145 Repair Station.

For a personalized quote, contact us at (760) GA-CLEAN or (760) 422-5326.

aircraft detailing in palm springs

Interior Services

  • Interior Cleaning and Detailing
  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
  • Leather Cleaning and Reconditioning
  • Lavatory and Galley Cleaning and Sanitation
  • Stain Removal

Exterior Services

  • Aircraft Washing
  • Wax
  • Machine Buff and Polish
  • Brightwork (Metal Polishing)
  • De-ice Boot Treatment

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