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Learjet 31A


With this aircraft, an owner can expect great runway performance and lower fuel burn, making it a great candidate for fast and efficient private jet travel.

The Learjet 31a can carry up to 8 passengers in its 17.1 foot-long cabin. It also has 67 feet of baggage space available to carry a large amount of luggage.


Accompanied with two Garret TFE engines, which provide 3,500 pounds of thrust each, this jet has the ability to outperform other private jets in its class. With a range of 1250 nautical miles while carrying four passengers the Learjet 31a is able to accommodate most trips with limited fuel stops.

The Learjet 31a has outstanding inflight performance characteristics. With its rapid acceleration and runway performance, it is clear why it is a favorite among pilots. The Learjet 31a can take off in just under 3,490 feet at sea level and climb to an altitude of 47,000 feet in only 28 minutes.


Of all the features of the Learjet 31a, the Bendix/King KFC 3100 autopilot system makes the pilots job the most straightforward. With automatic climb and descent modes that control the jet’s flight for best possible performance, the pilots can focus on keeping the passengers happy. The control board has been designed to be more user friendly, with small EFIS displays that summarize activity. All these additional features allow for a smoother and safer flight.

The Learjet 31a can accomplish many tasks for the savvy aircraft owner and typical charter customer.

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