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Beechcraft Premier


Beechcraft has always made exceptional aircraft that are strong and preferred by various branches of the military for their stout, robust characteristics. Beechcraft boasts the Premier 1A holds the distinct title of largest cabin in its class, without sacrificing its remarkable top speeds. This light jet may be operated by a single pilot, and will transport four passengers comfortably, reliably, and expeditiously to a destination 1,150 miles away at 500 miles per hour. Beechcraft claims this speed is 50 miles an hour faster than the closest, light jet competitor. Beechcraft also takes pride in the Premier’s lower acquisition and operating costs per mile than Cessna Citation CJ2+.


The Premier is capable of flight at 80% the speed of sound or 525 miles per hour. This speed is achieved through a design incorporating swept wings, with an ultra – strong drag – reducing fuselage, constructed with carbon-fiber composite technology. At maximum takeoff weight, the Beechcraft Premier is able to climb from sea level to 35,000 feet in 15 minutes, and has a maximum operating altitude of 41,000. The Premier’s fuselage is entirely composite, sandwiched with graphite epoxy laminate and a honeycomb type core. This design is extremely strong, efficient, and highly resistant to fatigue and corrosion, which contains a fuselage that has no stated life limit. The Premier has seating for up to 6 passengers and can hold up to 76.9 cubic feet of baggage. The baggage can weigh up to 750 pounds, while the total payload of passengers and baggage can total up tp 1400 pounds.

The Premier is capable of transporting 5 passengers from Palm Springs, CA to faraway destinations of:

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