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Bombardier Challenger 601


The Challenger 601 has improved immensely over the 600, with a more reliable flight system and increased maintainability. The Challenger 601-1A iteration signifies the use of General Electric CF43-1A engines and drag reducing winglets. It was also designed with passenger comfort in mind.


Known for its flat floor design, the cabin of this private jet is uncharacteristically large. Most passengers have no problem navigating up and down the aisle. The 601 has a width of 8.2 feet, and its height is 6.1 feet. Cabin length is 28.3 feet. Passengers enjoy a quiet interior and well-lit cabin. It usually has a seating configuration that comfortably holds between eight and twelve people, but can be configured to carry as many as nineteen. The Challenger 601 is able to accommodate even the most heavily packed traveler as it offers an immense 115 cubic ft. of internal baggage storage.


Two General Electric CF43-1A engines power the Challenger 601-1A, each engine is flat rated to 8,650 pounds of thrust in temperatures up to 70°F. The Challenger 601-1A can take off in 5,400 feet. It can take five passengers up to 3,500 nautical miles nonstop. The Challenger 601-1A has a top cruise speed of 528 miles per hour. On long-range trips the 601-1A cruises at 487 miles per hour, or Mach .74.

The Challenger 601-1A went through a series of changes and upgrades including the CL601-1A/ER retrofitted with an additional fuel tank in the tail. The CL601-3A included the addition of an engine power increase and a glass cockpit. Both the 601-1A and -3A variants had the option for an additional fuel tank in the tail of the aircraft. When equipped with the extra tank, its designation became the 601-1A/ER or -3A/ER.

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