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Bombardier Global 5000


Bombardier also boasts the Global 5000 is capable of extraordinary short-field performance coupled with incredible range. The Global 5000 is capable of transporting 8-17 passengers to more locations and do so faster than other competitors in its class. According to Bombardier, the Global 5000 is faster and more short-field capable than any other jet in the super-large class.

Bombardier also claims the Global 5000 cabin leads all others in space, luxury and productivity with a cabin length of 45 feet and the widest cabin, cross section with a width of 8.17 feet. The Global 5000 has plenty of headroom for passengers with a height of 6 feet. Passengers in the cabin have access to a triple channel, Ethernet based, satellite data link communications system with an on board Local Area Network. A single channel, high-speed data, printer and fax line is available for all passengers to stay connected to the business world at all times. Although a business jet, the Global 5000 also has on demand news, weather, sports and a whole theater of entertainment available to passengers through one of the most advanced and reliable cabin electronic systems. The cabin has three, independently controlled temperature zones.

An aft stateroom allows for a secluded sanctuary, separate from the rest of the cabin, with its own entertainment system and temperature controls. With the amenities and multiple layout options, the Global 5000 cabin is truly in a class of its own.

Bombardier also claims the Global 5000 transports passengers faster than any other competitor in the super-larger, business jet class. The Global 5000 was designed to transport passengers around the globe with maximum cruising speeds of 89% the speed of sound, or Mach 0.89. For maximum range missions, the Global 5000 will carry a crew of 3 and 8 passengers from continental Europe, directly to Palm Springs or other, West Coast destinations at Mach 0.85. The Global 5000 has a range of 5,980 miles, enabling this incredible aircraft to truly reach any destination on the globe with ease.

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