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Cessna Citation CJ2

The Citation CJ2 was first introduced in 2000 as an improvement to the Citation Jet. It was intended to have increased range, increased cabin room and increased speed. It succeeded hugely in all those aspects. The range increased 205 miles, allowing city pairs to be linked that were not originally available with the CJ and CJ1. The extra 31 inches of cabin room, afforded by the fuselage stretch, makes for a comfortable six passenger cabin, up from a cramped 5 passenger cabin. Speed is now at 460 miles per hour, which is a welcome change from 437 in the Citation Jet.

The CJ family of Citations demonstrates Cessna can continually improve on a product by adapting them for different missions, and they have a winner every time. The changes brought forth on the Citation CJ2 are much like the changes from the original Citation I to the Citation II. Just like the changes of the Citation I to the Citation II, the changes from the CJ1 to the CJ2 are incremental and at the same time carry vast improvements. Cessna has a winning method in continually improving their products. The Citation CJ2 is a stunning example of this philosophy.

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