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Dassaut Falcon 50

Dassaut Falcon 50

Many military variants of the Falcon 50 have exceeded stringent operational specifications for many years proving the reliability and capability of this amazing aircraft. From passengers and pilots alike, testimonials all agree what a great aircraft the Falcon 50 is, and the latest Falcon models such as the 900, 2000, and 7X wouldn’t be possible without the knowledge gained from the Falcon 50.

Dassaut Falcon 50

Passengers love the Falcon 50 because of its comfort, speed, and range, while pilot’s love the Falcon because of its incredible performance. The Falcon 50 is able to transport 8 to 9 passengers, non-stop from Palm Springs to Hawaii, and amazingly enough it is almost impossible to load the aircraft in such a manner that the aircraft weight and balance would not remain within center of gravity limits. Pilots have tried to compute almost any loading scenario and they all remain within limitations!

Dassaut Falcon 50

The Falcon 50 also is capable of amazing takeoff and landing performance, enabling it to operate in and out of short, high elevation airports with high temperatures, and is able to do so without sacrificing the fuel loading to achieve such performance. All of this performance allows passengers to travel at a maximum speed of 568 miles per hour with typical cruising speeds of 551 miles per hours with a range of 4,025 miles.

The Falcon 50EX model was produced until 2008 and features improved engines and even greater range capabilities. The Falcon 50 still remains a very desirable business jet with its amazing luxury, long range capability, resale value and prestigious nature of a very fast, tri-jet. The performance, range, and efficiency of this aircraft has been greatly improved by the development of High Mach, blended winglets by Aviation Partners, Inc. The Falcon 50 continues to remain among the most prestigious, powerful, and capable business jets operating today and into the future.

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