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Dassault Falcon 900LX


The Falcon 900LX will take you easily around the world with a range of 5,460 miles; farther than any other jet in its wide body class. This range enables non-stop flights from Tokyo to Palm Springs or from Palm Springs to London. The Falcon 900LX accomplishes the unthinkable in terms of efficiency, and burns 50-60% less fuel than competitors, drastically reducing its carbon footprint. This efficiency is achieved with the use of high-mach, blended winglets, and a very aerodynamically clean wing.

The center engine almost completely eliminates separation drag, aft of the tail cone, allowing a large cabin within a compact fuselage. The aerodynamic efficiency is further enhanced by leading-edge slats and double-slotted Fowler flaps.

The 900LX has the ability to access short runways even with extreme temperatures and altitudes, and then can fly farther from such airports due to its unmatched performance. Most competing aircraft must reduce fuel loads to accomplish high altitude and temperature operations, greatly affecting their operating range. The Falcon 900LX flies at approach speeds much slower and safer than twinjet competition. It can also land with close to full tanks, while many aircraft must burn a certain amount of fuel before they can land. Although extremely unlikely, the tri jet design enables the 900LX to continue to its intended destination in most cases even if one the three engines experienced problems and were required to be shutdown. The engines are descendants of an engine family with over 100 million hours of service, so the aforementioned situation is the least of concerns.

The interior cabin is unbelievably impressive with numerous layouts and options. The cabin is just over 33 feet long containing a lavatory with wash basin, and full galley complete with convection ovens, microwave, refrigerator and coffee maker. There is ample headroom with 6 feet 2 inches to be exact, and 7 feet 8 inches of cabin width. The cabin can be divided into three separate areas with forward club seating, middle divan and conference table, and aft bedroom or executive office area. It takes several rooms at the interior completion center to display the available wood trim, leather, and interior material options available to customize the cabin of your new Falcon 900 LX. A queen size bedroom and shower are options available although rarely purchased due to the weight of the added water tank and loss of cabin seating. The numerous cabin options include but are not limited to, satellite television on three separate flat screen, displays with 5 disc DVD changers, all independent of one another controlled by LCD control remotes that control the cabin environment and lighting as well! Satellite telephones, fax and internet with onboard WiFi are also available.

Premium sound systems can be installed with 11 speakers and 3 subwoofers accompanied with connections for external devices such as iPad, iPhone, or iPods. Independent, wireless headphones with side-mounted screens are available for individual entertainment as well. Self-leveling, inflatable mattresses are also available to occupants to insure that aircraft banking will not interfere with quality sleep. Unmatched sound proofing is installed through the cabin and a special sound curtain is closed around the exit door to maintain peace and quiet. Cameras are installed to show the occupants a pilot’s view, tail down – top view and other views of the aircraft as it flies around the world. The security of the aircraft is also maintained to alert the crew via cellular phone if the aircraft is breached.

The flight deck is a standout in the wide body class of jets also. The EASy II flight deck was designed from extremely extensive research through military, man to machine expertise gained through Dassault’s long history, and has revolutionized situational awareness and decreased pilot workload and stress. The EASy system incorporated trackballs and keypads to input and change information throughout the flight deck and the pilot has a heads up display, enabling the pilot to look through the window and have all pertinent flight data displayed simultaneously. Even when weather obscures the view outside, the Falcon 900LX is equipped with a synthetic vision system incorporating night and thermal vision to have a clear picture of the ground through darkness and low visibility, safety features unmatched until now!

Falcons in general retain greater resale value than close competitors, and have unmatched maintenance programs, also as efficient as the aerodynamics of the Falcon 900LX with a prepaid, monthly maintenance program to cover both scheduled and non-scheduled events. Budgeting is a breeze with a fixed cost maintenance schedule, and Falcon has flexible and unique maintenance program options for first time owners or flight departments with large fleets. A standard 10 year warranty is provided with all new Falcons for the airframe, and a 5 year warranty is provided for standard components and equipment.

The Falcon 900LX is the absolute leader of the wide-body jet class.

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