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Embraer Legacy 450

Embraer Legacy 450

Embraer incorporates the most advanced Honeywell engines to power the Legacy 450 with extreme efficiency, so the Legacy 450 is not only able to boast the fastest mid-light jet high speed cruising speed of 82% the speed of sound, or Mach 0.82, but also attain these speeds while being as friendly to the environment as possible. Another, class leading feature incorporated is fly – by – wire technology, making piloting the Legacy 450 effortless with greater precision, control, reduced workload, and high performance for short runway operations. The maintenance, inspection program is designed to maximize utilization of the aircraft, and is one of a kind.

Embraer Legacy 450

Embraer boasts having the largest cross section, cabin in its class, and a partnership with BMW Designworks USA, provides the ultimate, luxury cabin furnishings! The largest cabin volume and top pressurization within the mid-light class are also held by the Legacy 450. The cabin is quite customizable with standard seating for 7 passengers, and optional seating for up to 9 passengers with a forward divan, belted toilet, and forward, side facing seat. Not only are all cabin seats fully reclining and able to swivel, the center, club seating is transformable into flat beds for complete relaxation and rest for passengers, and passenger comfort is also improved with optional wet or dry galley, standard vacuum toilet, and the largest windows in its class with every window precisely positioned to match seating positions. The Legacy 450 also contains a pressurized and heated, internal baggage compartment, accessible inflight, with full cabin height and a volume of 40 cubic feet. Another, external baggage compartment provides an incredible, 110 cubic feet of storage with an option for heating. As hard as it seems to believe, the baggage capacity is the equivalent of 6 pairs of skis, 4 garment bags, and 14 rolling, carry-on bags! Not only is the cabin comfortable, it is very well outfitted with an Ethernet based system featuring Full HD video system, surround audio, high definition media input, compatible with most popular brands of electronics, and Inmarsat, Aircell or Iridium voice and data, satellite connectivity.

Embraer Legacy 450

The cockpit of the Legacy 450 is filled with all of the latest technology to spoil any pilot, loaded with features such as the Rockwell Collins, Pro Line Fusion avionics, paperless cockpit operations, large display screens, fly by wire – digital flight controls, single point refueling, externally serviced lavatory, brake by wire, carbon brake, auxiliary power unit and software that is easily upgradeable for future requirements. The Legacy aircraft series are the only aircraft equipped with fly by wire technology, less than $50 million.

The range of the Legacy 450 is also quite impressive with the ability to transport 4 passengers, 2,645 miles and have plenty of reserve fuel during low weather to reach a 230 mile alternate safely. The Legacy 450 has enough range to reach Anchorage, Alaska or Teterboro, New Jersey from Palm Springs.

The Legacy 450 will leave quite a lasting legacy in the mid-light, business jet class.

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