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Embraer Phenom 100

Embraer Phenom 100

The Phenom 100 also claims to contain the most highly intuitive and professional aircraft cockpit available in the entry-level jet market.

The Phenom 100 is certified for single pilot operation and incorporates state of the art avionics with large display screens, enhancing the pilot’s situational awareness. Soft keys on display menus minimize pilots time spent navigating through various menus and the number of switches has been reduced, as well as the removal of an overhead control panel to reduce pilot workload. The aircraft systems are more automated to reduce the checklists performed by its pilots.

Embraer Phenom 100

The Phenom 100 also claims to have the tallest and widest cross section, cabin dimensions in its class, offering more head and leg room than its competitors. BMW Designworks USA and Embraer collaborated to achieve the absolute best in comfort and ergonomics. The Phenom 100 also possesses the largest entrance door, and is unique due to the fact that most entry-level and small jets do not have an air-stair option! The Phenom 100 windows are also the largest among entry-level and light jets, measuring 1.2 square feet, and are strategically positioned to provide the most natural light possible for occupants. The Phenom 100 contains a forward wardrobe for storing coats, jackets, and up to 4 laptops with 6 cubic feet of storage capacity. An inflight entertainment center is an option, while other standard cabin amenities include magazine holders, passenger tables, pleated sunshades, comfort and folding armrests, and a waste receptacle. A rear lavatory with a rigid entry door is positioned in the aft portion of the cabin. The Phenom 100 leads its class in baggage capacity as well, totaling 71 cubic feet! The standard cabin configuration will carry four occupants in a club configuration, but an option exists to remove forward storage and install a side facing seat for a fifth passenger. The cabin contains two, separately controlled temperature zones with a VIP panel, allowing for precise temperature settings commanded by the passengers.

Embraer Phenom 100

The Phenom 100 possesses impressive range as well as beauty! Transporting four passengers, the Phenom 100 will travel at long range cruise speed from Palm Springs, CA to Vancouver, British Columbia, Calgary, Bismarck, Sioux City, Kansas City, Tulsa, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, or Monterrey, Mexico with a reserve of fuel to travel another 115 miles.

The Phenom 100 also has bragging rights with respect to fuel efficiency and operating costs even compared to turboprops! The Phenom 100 claims to produce 13% less carbon dioxide emissions than the closest competitor for a 690 mile flight segment at typical cruising speed. The Phenom also accomplishes this goal very quietly, maintaining compliance with ICAO, Stage 4 noise requirements by a margin of 33 decibels, well below the competitors. The Phenom carries 418 gallons of fuel, and surprisingly, burns 109 gallons of fuel during the first hour of flight and 77 gallons during the subsequent hour! The Phenom 100 will only burn 110 gallons for a 345 mile flight, 181 gallons for a 690 mile flight, and only 280 gallons for 1150 mile flight! With the fuel tanks topped off, the Phenom 100 is capable of hauling 580 pounds of payload. This amazing efficiency and low carbon emission is made possible by Pratt & Whitney engines that are controlled digitally to produce 1,695 pounds of thrust per engine.

The Phenom 100 is also designed with minimal maintenance in mind, with an economic life of 35,000 hours; well ahead of the closest competitor! The MSG-3, low intervention, maintenance inspections are only required every 600 flight hours or 12 months. A central maintenance computer integrated within the aircraft detects and alerts of any faults within any system of the aircraft.

The Phenom 100 is a truly phenomenal Brazilian beauty both inside and out, and Mother Nature definitely agrees!

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