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Gulfstream G-IV

Beginning in 1983, the engineers at Gulfstream, in concert with Grumman, began in earnest with the modifications to create the G-IV. Stretching the fuselage by about five feet, allowed for a cabin with quite a bit more room. Wing modifications allowed for reduced drag and increased efficiency. That’s not the only benefit though; increased fuel payload as well as a lower stall speed are welcomed improvements over the G-III.

Gulfstream has a tendency to continually improve it’s products so that they are always highly sought after, and are the best in the industry for a wide variety of missions. Small improvements, such as engines with more thrust and greater efficiency are excellent examples of the continuous improvement that Gulfstream makes look so easy.

As an aside, Gulfstream uses Rolls-Royce engines and the engines on this aircraft are named after the Tay river in England. Interesting trivia is that all jet engines made by Rolls-Royce are named after rivers in England. The Gulfstream G-IV engines produce over 2,000lbs more thrust than the ones on the G-III, allowing the G-IV to fly faster than 580mph.

The success that this Savannah, GA based firm enjoys is totally deserved. Everything that they make is highly sought after, and that shows with multiple variants of the original G-IV still in production. To date there have been over 500 produced, in five different variations, including military versions. Present day finds the G-IV being produced in two different models, each succeeding quite nicely in their own niche. And that is exactly what the G-IV does so well. It’s the best and that’s why it succeeds.

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