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Gulfstream G400


Even the SP portion of the name was removed, it implied that something special had been done, and sure enough it had. The Gulfstream G400 has added weight capabilities to the airframe by strengthening the landing gear, as well as altering the wing and tail. These changes were implemented in serial numbers 1214 to 1500. After serial number 1500, the GIVSP (known as the G400) underwent the same technical modifications, but added some further interior refinements.

Now, here comes the neat part. Since Gulfstream engineers had done such a good job on the regular G-IV, the modification implemented with the SP and G400 are available to be carried out with the earlier GIVs.

Adding 1,400 pounds of takeoff weight, the G400 can carry that many more people and or bags to your destination, all with the confidence and security of the knowing Gulfstream has made it right. Also, the ability to land with 7,500 pounds more weight opens up more airports that might make the mission doable on that particular trip, instead of having to land somewhere else for fuel. By being able to tanker more fuel, the word “flexible” is added in to the aircraft’s mission profile.

Several differences make the G400 different from the GIV. Firstly the brake by wire system employed on the GIV was replaced with a hydro-mechanical system that improved dispatch reliability and added stronger brakes to the mix. More robust wheels and tires add to the confidence inspiring nature of the aircraft. Improved damping in the landing gear system itself kept the butter-smooth landings, while increased landing weight was tacked on to the aircraft. Upgraded avionics were part of the package later in life with the G400 as well. The Honeywell SPZ-8400 system replaced the 8000 version that added reliability to the total package. As always, the G400 is another shining example of how Gulfstream gets it done.

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