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Gulfstream III


Other increases included a six foot addition to the wingspan, which added another 125 square feet to the wing area, allowing the GIII to carry a little over 28,000 pounds of fuel. That enables a little more than eight hours of endurance. That endurance can be enjoyed in the serene comfort of the GIII’s cabin, which allows the trip to be enjoyed to the fullest, instead of being cramped in a smaller airplane. The size of the cabin allows for an eight hour trip to be completed with a couple of meals served during the course of a trip. The full size lavatory as well the full size galley adds to the experience.


The Rolls-Royce Spey engines powering the GIII have a little over 11,000 pounds of thrust, which propels the aircraft a little faster than 575 mph. A range of a little over 4,000miles allows city pairs to be connected with ease. Winglets, a first for Gulfstream with the GIII reduce drag and allow for longer ranges. NASA designed airfoil sections along with optimization studies including weight, drag, cost, performance and fuel volume added to the success of the GIII.

With a cabin that stretches quite a distance, the GIII allows for all involved in the trip to stretch out and enjoy the trip, accomplishing all sorts of business along the way. This business machine can be the most productive member of the company thanks to shortening destinations with ease.

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