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Gulfstream V

Bigger and better engines along with an improved wing, all complimenting a stretched fuselage conspired to make the G-V into the first ultra-long range business jet.

The first flight of the Gulfstream V was on November 28th of 1995 and the first deliveries were made on July 1st of 1997. The aircraft was so impressive, that it won the Collier Trophy that year. The trophy is awarded to those who have made the greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America. Such a prestigious trophy is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Helping the aesthetics of this lovely machine are the painted thrust reversers, G-V’s can be easily identified by their smooth, pleasing lines. The TRs are just one small feature that add to the stunning beauty of this aircraft.

While the wing on the G-IV was a modified version of the G-II wing, the wing on the Gulfstream V is a new design, that was built using the advantages of Computational Fluid Dynamics. This massively powerful computer program allows for the wing to be tested over and over on a computer, before hitting the wind tunnel. This allows for small flaws, if any to be discovered in the virtual world, before having to fix anything in real life. The new wing was designed for high speed lift, allowing for a dramatic reduction in drag at cruise, allowing the G-V to fly faster on less fuel.

The G-V has spawned many different iterations. The G-V also loaned some of it’s technology to it’s younger sibling, the G-IV SP which later morphed into the G-450. The G-V also evolved into the G-500 as well as the G-550. Each of those impressive machines borrow from the success of the G-V. These airplanes are simply the best of the best.

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