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Hawker 1000

Design and production on the Hawker 1000 began during a hugely successful production run for the Hawker 800. While well-loved by many, the Hawker 800 had two glaring shortcomings in the eyes of its users: minimal baggage space and limited range. Luggage in the Hawker 800 was relegated to a small forward closet inside the cabin of the aircraft, making the storage of odd or over sized objects difficult. The range of the Hawker 800 allowed for nonstop coast to coast flights in the continental U.S. eastbound, but westbound nonstop flights were not assured.

The Hawker 1000 solved these issues with the addition of an externally-accessible baggage compartment aft of the lavatory, which doubled available baggage space, and increased range of over 3000 nautical miles, allowing for nonstop flights coast to coast. Other beneficial changes included the introduction of sturdier landing gear, more powerful and efficient Pratt and Whitney 305B engines, and better construction overall.

A few years after production of the 1000 began, Hawker Beechcraft began development of the Hawker 4000, an all-composite jet that replaced the Hawker 1000. In all, 52 Hawker 1000s were manufactured.

Today, the Hawker 1000 represents an incredible value in the super-mid sized aircraft market. It has the lowest acquisition cost of any aircraft that can accomplish the East Coast to West Coast mission nonstop, as well as flights to Hawaii from the U.S. West Coast. Just five years ago, the used Hawker 1000 market consisted of aircraft in the $ 8 to 10 million range. Today, prices for these same aircraft are in the $3 to 4.5 million range, mainly due to the overall used aircraft market decline.

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