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Hawker 850XP


Having been in production since 1963 shows how the British really got his aircraft right from the start.

The 850XP variant differs from its siblings in that it offers increased performance as well as better appearance. The increase in performance are from three different sources. The most important being upgraded versions of Honeywell’s venerable TFE731 engine. This engine family has over 100 miliion flight hours since being introduced. The 850XP takes advantage of the additional thrust provided by this variant to offer better performance numbers and increased range. The 850XP also incorporates winglets to add increased range, to the tune of 100 miles. The difference may seem small, but when the extra distance is needed, the winglets are sure a re nice to have, plus they look great. Slight improvements to the outer wing section further reduce drag and increase range, allowing the 850XP to stay competitive over the years.


Upgraded avionics are another reason why the 850XP maintains its’ leadership in the mid-size cabin segment. The Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite is an impressive addition to the aircraft. It has been continued on with the 900XP, as well as the 750. Interior updates add to the package that make the 850XP one of the most sought after mid size business jets. Stepping inside of one will convince you of just that.

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