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Aircraft Acquisitions

We’ve helped numerous clients purchase aircraft, and we can help you, too. We use a unique strategy when helping our clients acquire their aircraft. While most brokers see your acquisition as a “transaction” that earns a commission and has a definite end, we look long-term at your full ownership experience.

Desert Jet Aircraft Management

To that end, our focus is on finding the aircraft that best fits your needs today and tomorrow. We spend time with you to determine your typical expected flight patterns, then present several aircraft types that will fit the specified mission and budget.

Part of our presentation includes actual operating costs of the aircraft being considered. Most brokers use generic cost projections that are readily available on the internet to anyone paying a few dollars for the report. These are highly inaccurate when used to create budgets and projections as they are not serial-number specific. We use our operational expertise as an aircraft operator and management company to drill in the actual costs of operating each type of aircraft, no matter the year of manufacture.

Once you select a preferred aircraft, we do an exhaustive search of EVERY aircraft manufactured of that type, whether on market, off market or “not for sale”. Once we narrow down the best options, we do a thorough review of the aircraft’s maintenance history and current condition to present the one to three aircraft that we recommend.

Once an aircraft has been selected and offer made, we work to ensure the most thorough and objective prebuy inspection to ensure you receive the best value in the transaction.

We provide our services as a buyer’s agent for a small flat fee. For those buyers that decide to use Desert Jet’s management services, we provide our buyer’s agent services on a complimentary basis.

Real Stories About Our Clients

Case Study #1

We had a client approach us regarding his frustration with his aircraft acquisition. He had hired a traditional broker six months previously, made a few offers, but still had no aircraft.

We promptly moved into action and located just the right aircraft to meet his needs. We successfully negotiated a deal with the seller’s agent. Within two weeks, the client was not only a new aircraft owner,  he was also up and running with a full flight department as well as earning charter revenue.

Case Study #2

A client approached us for assistance in purchasing an aircraft as well as selling his current aircraft. The aircraft he wanted had a long manufacturer backlog. We were able to locate a private individual who owned the desired aircraft but had flown the aircraft for less than 40 hours. We successfully negotiated both the sale of the current aircraft as well as the purchase of the new aircraft concurrently, preventing any like-kind exchange issues. We also successfully obtained an exemption from California state sales and use tax on behalf of the owner.

Ready to Learn More About Aircraft Acquisitions?

To learn how you can leverage our operational expertise to get the best possible deal on the best possible aircraft, and begin operations faster than ANY traditional aircraft broker, contact us now at (760) 284-8799 or email us at

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