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Private Jet Charter doesn’t have to be complicated. Below are some of the most frequent questions we receive from our clients.

Where can I travel with Desert Jet?

Desert Jet is authorized by the FAA to conduct on-demand flight operations throughout the Western Hemisphere. Desert Jet is both an operator, flying under its own FAA Part 135 certificate (1DJA318M), as well as an aircraft charter broker, working with a worldwide affiliate network comprised of hundreds of aircraft, enabling us to provide lift virtually anywhere, anytime, in any type of aircraft. We are expanding both our fleet and our area of operations to include worldwide operations.

How far in advance do I need to book my flight?

We can be ready for any flight in as little as two hours. We are accustomed to responding to emergencies and have at times been ready even sooner than this. However, we recommend you make your reservation as soon as you know your travel plans.

How do I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made by phone (800) 381- JETS or (760) 399-1000, on our website at, via email at, and even on our Facebook page at

What hours do you operate?

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our 24 hour service line is (800) 381-JETS or (760) 399-1000.

What happens on the day of my flight?

If you choose, Desert Jet will arrange for a car and driver to bring you and your luggage to the airport. If you prefer to drive yourself, you’ll drive right onto the airport ramp where your aircraft and pilots will be waiting. Your luggage will be loaded onto the aircraft for you and your car will be kept in covered parking awaiting your return. We’ll even have your car detailed for you if you’d like, or take your car to your dealer for service. Once you board the aircraft we’ll be airborne to your destination within minutes.

Are meals served on the flight?

All of our aircraft are completely stocked with complimentary snacks and beverages. If you would like a meal on the aircraft, our charter specialists can arrange for meals of your selection through our culinary providers.

Can I bring my own wine on board the aircraft?

Please allow us to stock your beverage preferences for you. We obtain our beverages at locations such as BevMo and pass along our cost savings to you. This allows us to keep your beverages at just the right temperature. Additionally, some of our aircraft are restricted from having red wine on board. Please contact us for further details.

Can I bring my pet with me?

We love pets and welcome your pets on board your flight. Just let us know who you’ll be bringing and we’ll provide amenities to help make the flight more comfortable for everyone. Generally, well-behaved dogs are allowed off-leash in the cabin and can lounge just as if they were at home. Other pets may be transported on a case-by-case basis. With Desert Jet, you’ll never subject your pet to the stressful and inhumane conditions of a cargo hold.

What other items can I bring on board my flight?

Generally, most items are safe to bring on board your flight but some items need special consideration. Please reference HAZMAT Carried By Passengers And Crew to determine what’s safe to bring on board your flight.

What documents will I need to fly internationally?

Passports are required for all passengers for all trips outside the United States. In addition, those holding a Permanent Resident Card must provide a copy of the card so we may coordinate customs arrangements with the proper governmental authorities. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by both adults. If traveling with only one parent, the parent not traveling must submit a notarized, verifiable permission letter three days prior to departure.

Border crossing cards cannot be used in lieu of passports when traveling by air.

What is FET?

Federal Excise Tax is a government tax, collected by Desert Jet and remitted to the Internal Revenue Service that equates to 7.5% of the total flight charges. This fee is collected by all charter and fractional operators for all flights made within the United States and to and from destinations located within 225 miles of the U.S. border.

What is a fuel surcharge?

A fuel surcharge is an additional fee added to the cost of the flight that covers the additional cost of fuel when fuel prices rise above a baseline rate. Normally, the hourly rate for your charter is based on fuel prices being a certain price per gallon. Fuel surcharges should not be a source of profit for the operator, but rather, a means to help the aircraft owner offset the cost of fuel when it rises unexpectedly. Desert Jet does not have fuel surcharges.

What are empty legs?

It is estimated that approximately 40% of all charter flights are flown without passengers aboard. These “empty legs” become available when an operator flies a client on a one-way flight and then needs to reposition the aircraft without passengers on board. These flights represent a great opportunity to fly at greatly reduced costs but only if there is scheduling flexibility. Desert Jet clients enjoy access to discounted pricing on empty leg flights on the aircraft we operate as well as the aircraft operated by our national affiliate network. Beware though; empty legs are fragile commodities that can disappear when others change their flight schedules. Paying full fare allows you to take the plane where you want, when you want. Flying on empty legs requires extreme flexibility and the willingness to make your schedule fit that of someone else.

Learn more about empty legs by reading our resource Empty Legs and One-Ways – Making Sense of Air Charter Deals.

What do you offer me if I am a frequent flyer?

Our frequent flyers receive priority scheduling preference on our fleet of aircraft. In addition, we offer special perks, such as complimentary catering, car detailing, and tickets to special events. Contact us for pricing to fit your specific travel needs.

Your pricing is higher than the quote I received from another operator or broker. Why?

Our staff is top notch so we pay them more than other companies pay their employees, which makes our costs higher than other companies. You don’t want your private jet charter operator skimping on important safety costs such as pilot training, maintenance and safety, so the cost of your flight should be only one of several considerations as you choose a charter operator.

I own my own aircraft but am not using it as much as I used to. It is on the market but not selling as quickly as I would like. Can you help me?

We can provide an analysis for you of the costs of parking the aircraft while you wait for it to sell, versus dry leasing or chartering your aircraft to our clients. There are benefits to each option, but the best way to determine what is right for your unique needs is to allow us to complete a needs, cost and revenue analysis for you. We have helped numerous aircraft owners make this exact decision, and would be happy to introduce you to them to get an idea of how it is to work with us and how our options have helped them. Generally, you can expect to offset your fixed expenses (pilots’ salaries, insurance, training, hangar, maintenance, etc.) with charter or dry lease arrangements. We have demand for long range light jets and can guarantee significant amounts of charter revenue on jets such as a Citation Encore or CJ3.

The worse treatment you can give your aircraft while trying to sell it is to park it. If you want to maintain your aircraft’s value at sale, it must keep flying and maintain an airworthy status.

How much does it cost to charter an aircraft?

The cost of traveling on a private charter jet can vary depending on the requirements of each individual mission and preferences of the customer. Variables such as the number of passengers, type of aircraft needed, departure and arrival route, catering, etc. contribute towards building a personalized quote.

Consider that many West Coast routes are impossible to do within a business day on an airline, forcing you to incur overnight expenses. Add the flexibility of departure times to suit you, from the airports closest to your departure and not having to deal with security and airline delays, and you’ll see very real savings in time, costs compared to airline travel, and aggravation.

You can obtain an immediate, no obligation quote here on our website – get a quote now!

My elderly parent needs to return home from the desert. He/she is very frail, although healthy. Can you fly my parent if they need special assistance?

This is an area in which Desert Jet specializes. We have very compassionate pilots who are accustomed to helping the elderly on board our aircraft. If your parent can walk and doesn’t require the attention of a nurse, we can help. Otherwise, we are happy to help secure an air ambulance with flight nurse for your parent’s travel. Please contact to discuss which method of travel would be most appropriate for your situation.

How do I know which airport is closest to my final destination?

There are resource sites that will provide the closest airports if you enter a city or address. Even easier; contact us and we’ll do the research for you.

Do your aircraft have lavatories?

Most of the aircraft in our fleet have an aft fully enclosed lavatory with beautiful wooden doors to ensure your privacy. Be sure to ask if the plane you have reserved has a lavatory if you have a longer flight.

What happens if I must cancel my reservation?

We will work with you to reschedule your flight in case your plans change. If you must cancel altogether, please give us as much notice possible to avoid cancellation fees. Our cancellation schedule is provided along with your charter quote.

I’ve been told that with the number of hours I fly per year, I should own my own aircraft/own a fractional share/buy a jet card/charter. How do I know which option is best for me?

We can advise you on the various private jet transportation options available today, such as fractional share ownership, local shared ownership/partnership, dry lease, charter, block charter, jet card purchase and whole aircraft ownership. We’ve written a resource to help you sort through your options – The Biggest Myth You’ll Face When Choosing a Private Aviation Option. We are also available at any time to discuss the pros and cons of each option.

I have other questions. Where can I get information?

Please email us at or call us anytime at (760) 399-1000 for immediate answers to your questions.

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