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Advantages of Desert Jet’s Aircraft Management

Owning an aircraft is about saving time, increasing efficiency, and maximizing convenience. At Desert Jet, we ensure you soar without the weight of operational intricacies, while enjoying significant cost savings on crucial aircraft services.

  • Turn-Key:
    Compliance with all regulatory requirements.
  • Expert Flight Crew:
    Fully vetted, trained, and experienced crew at your disposal.
  • Charter Fleet Access:
    Utilize other aircraft in our charter fleet at significantly reduced rates.
  • Aircraft Care:
    Detailed cleaning of your aircraft after every flight.
  • Transparent Reporting:
    In-depth financial and operational insights.
  • Travel Concierge:
    Assistance with your vehicle, hotel accommodations, and other travel arrangements.

Operational Excellence with Desert Jet

  • Fuel:
    Enjoy significant discounts, with up to 30% off retail prices.
  • Maintenance:
    Benefit from discounts on labor and parts with our preferred providers.
  • Crew Training:
    Access top-tier training with savings of up to 60% off retail rates.
  • Hangar:
    Gain significant discounts at our prime locations.
  • Insurance:
    Experience broader coverage at competitively lower rates.

Exceptional Service

the highest industry standards

Beyond these tangible benefits, our commitment to operational excellence is unwavering. We adhere to the highest industry standards, including FAA, IS-BAO, and other global benchmarks. With Desert Jet, you gain 24/7 access to a private flight department without overheads, ensuring your aircraft is always operated to the highest standards.

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