Super Mid Aircraft

Challenger 300

Spacious and Luxurious Cabin:

With over six feet of stand-up cabin space and spacious seating for up to 10 passengers, the Challenger 300 offers unparalleled comfort.

Seating Configuration:

The interior features six luxurious leather Captain’s chairs, a large three-seat divan, and an optional tenth seat in the enclosed lavatory.

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Embraer Legacy 500

Cabin Dimensions

Boasts a spacious interior with a cabin height of 6 ft, offering significant headroom and comfort.

Passenger Capacity

Seats up to 12 passengers in a typical configuration, with a versatile mix of single seats and a three-seat divan.

Luxury Amenities

Features LED lighting, fully-equipped galley, and high-end finishes.

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Bombardier Challenger 350

Passenger Capacity

Seats up to 10 passengers with ample legroom and comfort.

Spacious Comfort

Up to 2 configurable areas for work, dining, or relaxation.


Features swivel, recline, and berthing capable seats, plus a 3-place divan.

Baggage Space

Accessible 106 ft³ compartment ensures all essentials are within reach.

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Gulfstream G280

Passenger Capacity

Typically seats 8 to 10 passengers across two cabin zones, offering configurations for work, rest, and meetings.

Spacious Comfort

The cabin is designed for focus and relaxation with natural light from 19 windows and the lowest cabin altitude in its class for added comfort.

Superior Amenities

Equipped with hot and cold pressurized water, a redesigned lavatory featuring natural light, and extensive storage solutions.

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Citation Longitude

Passenger Capacity

Accommodates 12 passengers in a meticulously designed cabin.

Spacious Dimensions

A 6-foot stand-up cabin with best-in-class legroom ensures a comfortable flight experience.

Baggage Accessibility

Offers a 112 cu ft. aft baggage compartment, accessible in-flight for added convenience.

Quietest Cabin

Advanced soundproofing creates a peaceful atmosphere, reducing travel fatigue significantly.

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Cessna Citation Sovereign

Spacious Cabin:

Over 24 feet in length, offering a spacious interior.

Luxurious Leather Seating:

Comfortably seats up to 9 passengers in a distinctive double club interior layout.

Copious Storage:

Interior baggage storage for garment bags and an impressive 100 cubic feet of exterior storage.

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Cessna Citation X

Fastest Civilian Aircraft:

The Citation X holds the title of the fastest fully certified civilian aircraft, boasting a top cruising speed of 92% the speed of sound.

Advanced Aerodynamics:

Computational Fluid Dynamics were employed during the design phase to optimize airflow and reduce drag.

Swept Wings:

With wings swept at an angle of 37%, the Citation X minimizes aerodynamic drag more than any other business jet.

Rolls-Royce Engines:

Customized specifically for the Citation X, these engines provide over 6,700 pounds of thrust per engine, offering an unparalleled thrust-to-weight ratio and fuel efficiency in its class.

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Dassault Falcon 2000

Spacious Cabin:

The most popular layout accommodates 8 passengers in luxurious comfort, with an alternative layout for up to 12 passengers.

Cabin Design:

Inherits the forward fuselage of the Falcon 900, but is 6 feet, 6 inches shorter, providing ample room for all passengers.

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Dassault Falcon 2000LX

Speed and Range:

The Falcon 2000LX boasts a remarkable range of 4,600 miles while cruising at 80% of the speed of sound, or Mach .80. For shorter trips, the aircraft can fly even faster.

Climb Rate:

The aircraft can ascend directly to 41,000 feet in just 19 minutes, the best climb rate in its class.

Fuel Efficiency:

Achieving 15-65% better fuel economy than its competitors, the Falcon 2000LX is a marvel of efficiency.

Engine Excellence:

Powered by Pratt and Whitney engines designed specifically for this model, the aircraft requires minimal downtime for engine maintenance, with 7,000 hours between overhauls.

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