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Dassault Falcon 2000LX


Dassault claims it has more room, comfort, and better fuel efficiency than any other aircraft in its class. The Falcon 2000LX also holds its value better than all as well, and Dassault has brought the future to us now in the Falcon 2000LX with space age composites, extremely durable components and an environmentally friendly design. The high mach, blended winglets actually improve cruise speed efficiency by 5%, greatly reducing the carbon footprint greatly. The 2000LX also has bragging rights to the best climb rate it its class, able to climb directly to 41,000 feet in 19 minutes. All of these incredible performance capabilities are achieved with 15-65% better fuel economy than competitors. These staggering performance figures are made possible by engines from Pratt and Whitney. They are just as impressive as the Falcon 2000LX itself. The engines were designed specifically for the Falcon 2000LX and with 7,000 hours between overhauls, the Falcon 2000LX rarely spends down time for engine maintenance.


The cabin interior surely does contain room and comfort with just over 26 feet of length, 6 feet and 2 inches of headroom and 7 feet and 8 inches of lateral width. The cabin is also one of the most quite in its class. Special engine mounts and the most advanced acoustic insulation are installed for the ultimate, quite cabin. A fully equipped galley is installed to provide any variety of meals. Eighteen oversized windows keep the cabin bright and refreshing to passengers. The Falcon Cabin Management System by Rockwell Collins keeps passengers entertained and connected to the business world.

Dassault created the perfect blend of all the characteristics the most demanding aircraft owner could imagine with the Falcon 2000LX.

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