Maximize Your Aircraft’s Potential

Your aircraft can be more than a luxury

It can be an asset. With Desert Jet, discover avenues to generate revenue when your aircraft is idle. From traditional charter revenue programs to innovative lease programs, our revenue programs are personalized to meet your exact needs.

Traditional Charter Management

Ideal for owners with full-time flight crews and moderate aircraft usage. Earn a significant percentage of the revenue for each hour your aircraft is chartered, offsetting fixed costs like crew salaries, insurance, hangar costs, maintenance, and flight training expenditures.

Hourly Lease Arrangement

For aircraft owners without a personal crew, the hourly dry lease offers a straightforward solution. Earn a flat hourly rate while the lessee covers operational costs like fuel, pilot salaries and on-going training, and aircraft cleaning.

Fleet Utilization Program

Transform your underutilized aircraft into a consistent revenue stream, this program is especially tailored for owners who use their aircraft sparingly. Opt for full-time charter operations or flexible dry lease arrangements. The lessee covers all operational costs, and the owner receives a fixed monthly amount.

Benefits of Partnering with Desert Jet

  • Get your aircraft into our operations swiftly and start earning sooner.
  • With minimal initial costs, we ensure your aircraft is charter-ready without compromising profitability.
  • Enjoy up to 20% savings on fuel and a significant 65% reduction in flight crew simulator training costs.
  • We believe in full transparency, passing on all discounts directly to you without any hidden fees or mark-ups.

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