Heavy Aircraft

Embraer Legacy 600

Passenger Capacity

Designed to comfortably seat 13 passengers in a spacious cabin that includes three distinct living areas.

Spacious Interior

The largest lavatory in its class and the most extensive in-flight accessible baggage compartment in the segment, offering 240 cubic feet of space.

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Gulfstream G650ER

Spacious Cabin

Accommodates up to 13 passengers, with three luxurious living areas and the ability to sleep 6.

Handcrafted Comfort

Features handcrafted seats and divans that convert to beds, enhancing flexibility and comfort.

Generous Baggage Capacity

Provides unrestricted and safe access to a 195 cubic feet baggage compartment.

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Bombardier Global 7500

Spacious Interiors

The only business jet with four true living spaces, an available Master Suite with a full-size bed, a dedicated crew suite, and a comprehensive kitchen, accommodating up to 19 passengers.

Revolutionary Seating

Redefining comfort with the patented Nuage seat’s deep recline feature, the first new seat architecture in business aviation in 30 years.

Accessible Baggage Compartment

Provides unrestricted and safe access to a 195 ft³ baggage area, ensuring personal items are always within reach.

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Bombardier Global 6500

Unmatched Spaciousness

The widest cabin in its class provides ample room, accommodating up to 17 passengers in ultimate comfort.

Versatile Living Spaces

Three distinct living areas designed for relaxation, dining, and work.

Unlimited Baggage Access

Ensures personal items are always within reach, enhancing the travel experience for all onboard.

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Bombardier Global 6000

Expansive Elegant Interior

Featuring a spacious cabin with dedicated zones for dining, work, and relaxation.

Advanced Seating Comfort

Equipped with state-of-the-art seating for up to 17 passengers, ensuring a comfortable journey.

Generous Baggage Capacity

Ample space for luggage, accessible throughout the flight for maximum convenience.

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Bombardier Global 5500

Spacious Cabin:

Seats up to 16 passengers comfortably for flights up to 12 hours.

Three distinct elegant and functional living spaces provide necessary privacy and luxury while providing ample room to work, eat and rest in total comfort.

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Bombardier Challenger 604

Spacious Cabin:

Retaining the 8.2-foot-wide “walk-about” cabin, the Challenger 604 can comfortably accommodate up to 19 passengers.

Transoceanic Range:

Advanced engines and winglets extend the aircraft’s range, making it suitable for transoceanic flights.

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Bombardier Challenger 605

Roots in Commercial Aviation:

The Challenger 605 benefits from Bombardier’s extensive experience in commercial aviation and builds upon the original Challenger 600 design.


The advancements in the 605 model are informed by knowledge gained from Bombardier’s Canadair Regional Jet development program.

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Bombardier Global Express XRS

Global Reach:

The Global Express XRS has an incredible range that theoretically allows it to fly between any two points on the globe with just one refueling stop.

Non-Stop Flights:

The jet can fly non-stop between intercontinental destinations like Sydney and Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo, or Taipei and Chicago.

Mission Length:

Designed for missions up to 6,906 miles, the jet can transport a crew of 4 and 8 passengers from Tokyo to New York in just 12 hours under average weather conditions.

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Dassault Falcon 7X

Spacious Cabin:

A cabin length of 39 feet, 6 feet 2 inches of headroom, and 7 feet 8 inches of width make for an incredibly spacious interior.

Customizable Seating:

The cabin can be configured with 12 to 16 seats across three lounge areas, tailored to specific needs.

Luxurious Amenities:

From ergonomic seats to a full-length wardrobe and stand-up lavatory, the Falcon 7X offers unparalleled luxury.

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Dassault Falcon 900 Series

Spacious Cabin:

Separated from the crew area, offering double-club seating, dining, and entertainment areas.


Features forward and aft lavatories for added convenience.


Passengers can access the cargo storage area during flight below FL410.

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Gulfstream G450

From G-IV to G450:

Conceived as an evolution of the successful G-IV, the G450 boasts a more significant ramp presence and a stretched fuselage.

Launch Timeline:

Engineers began work on the G450 in 2001, and by October 2004, the aircraft was ready for customers.

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Gulfstream G550

Spacious Interior:

Over 50 feet of interior room with 12 possible factory interior configurations.

Innovative Windows:

Oval windows that allow passengers to enjoy panoramic views without straining their necks.

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Gulfstream V (GV)

Based on G-IV:

The GV is an enhanced version of the Gulfstream IV, featuring a stretched fuselage, improved wing, and more powerful engines.

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