Bombardier Global Express XRS

One of the most exceptional jets in its class

The Bombardier Global Express XRS is a pinnacle of aviation engineering, designed to redefine what a business jet can do. With its extraordinary range, speed, and comfort, the Global Express XRS stands as one of the most exceptional jets in its class.

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Unparalleled Range

Global Reach:

The Global Express XRS has an incredible range that theoretically allows it to fly between any two points on the globe with just one refueling stop.

Non-Stop Flights:

The jet can fly non-stop between intercontinental destinations like Sydney and Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo, or Taipei and Chicago.

Mission Length:

Designed for missions up to 6,906 miles, the jet can transport a crew of 4 and 8 passengers from Tokyo to New York in just 12 hours under average weather conditions.

Speed and Efficiency

Cruise Speed:

The jet cruises at 85% the speed of sound, or 564 miles per hour.

Transcontinental Speed:

For transcontinental flights, it can go up to 89% the speed of sound, or 590 miles per hour.

Luxurious Comfort

Cabin Design:

The Global Express XRS features three separate cabin zones, each with independently controlled lighting and temperature.


A full-sized galley and lavatory are located in the forward section, while the center section offers club seating, conference tables, and workstations.

Aft Stateroom:

The aft stateroom can be closed off for privacy and comes with its own entertainment system and temperature controls.

Advanced Features

Pressurization System:

Designed for maximum comfort, the cabin maintains an altitude of 4,500 feet while cruising at 45,000 feet.


Various cabin configurations are available, accommodating 8-19 passengers.


Desert Jet is a class act that sets the bar for ultimate customer service. Their team rallied together, pouring 110% commitment into getting our friend home for a family emergency. This was no small feat that was pulled together in a matter of minutes, not hours; NO other company could do that!

Steve M. | FBO Client

Absolutely recommend Desert Jet, friendly staff and incredible service!

Steve V. | Charter Client

Great FBO. I have flown into Cochran Airport a few times to visit Palm Desert. They have nice services inside and parking and good attendance. Very clean and friendly.

Bruno R. | FBO Client

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Craig G. | Aircraft Maintenance Client

Desert Jet simplifies aircraft ownership for me and my family. They provide a personal touch with direct line of communication, ensuring professional and efficient oversight of my jet.

James M. | Aircraft Management Client

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