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Bombardier Global Express XRS


The Global Express XRS can fly nonstop between intercontinental destination pairs such as Sydney and Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo, or Taipei and Chicago. The Global Express XRS is capable of transporting a crew of 4 and 8 passengers, non-stop from Tokyo to New York under average weather and wind conditions in an incredible time of 12 hours! The Global Express XRS was designed to accomplish missions, 6,906 miles in length and do so very quickly with supreme comfort in the passenger cabin.

The Global Express XRS cruises at speeds equivalent to 85% the speed of sound or 564 miles per hour. For transcontinental flights the Global Express XRS will transport passengers at 89% the speed of sound or 590 miles per hour. The entire world is in the palm of your hand aboard this incredible aircraft.

Comfort was the most important factor incorporated into the design of the Global Express XRS. Bombardier accomplished just this very objective with incredible amenities. Three separate cabin areas are incorporated into the design of the Global Express XRS. These separate zones and their respective lighting and temperature are all independently controlled. A complete, full sized galley and lavatory are positioned in the forward section of the cabin. Two sets of club seating with conference tables and work stations or a divan make the center cabin section quite productive.

The aft stateroom is what separates the Global Express XRS cabin from others. The aft stateroom can be closed off from the front portion of the cabin for complete privacy, productivity, or relaxation. The aft stateroom even has its own independent entertainment system and temperature settings.

With flight lengths in the 13 hour range, the cabin must be as comfortable as any office or lounge area. A few cabin configurations are available with seating for 8-19 people. The pressurization system for the cabin was designed with the utmost comfort in mind, maintaining 4,500 feet, cabin altitude while cruising at 45,000 feet.

Unmatched range, competitive travel speeds, and ultimate comfort make the Global Express XRS a truly top tier business jet!

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