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Gulfstream G550

Introduced in 2003, the G550 was another improvement over the G-V, with big improvements coming in the form of drag reduction. These notable changes allow the G550 to have a range of 6,750 nm. That kind of range opens up city pairs such as: Dubai and Washington D.C., as well as London and Singapore, even Paris can be connected with Tokyo. The G550 is an impressive business machine that allows productivity to be above and beyond that of the competition.

Stretching over 50 feet of interior room, makes for lavish appointments in any of the 12 possible factory interior configurations. Another item that needs to be mentioned are the windows in Gulfstream products. One may think that windows are a minuscule detail when talking about such an impressive machine. But, the windows in the G550 are awesome.

That is in the truest sense of the word too. The oval windows allow each passenger to see everything, without necks craning and contorting to get a good view of the world passing by. Attention to detail like this is what sets the G550 apart from its’ competitors.

Adding to the experience is the cockpit, which the G450 also shares. Gulfstream took the time to customize an avionics package that makes so much sense and is very well laid out, that they named it the Plane View cockpit. Four 14-inch screens display absolutely everything the crew needs to know in such a clear and concise manner. A Head Up Display system, which is normally reserved for advanced military aircraft can be found on the G550. In concert with the Enhanced Vision System, an infrared view of the environment ahead, the G550 can safely make approaches in low visibility conditions, all without breaking a sweat.

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