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Bombardier Challenger 605


Bombardier describes its Challenger 605 as a stellar business performer. Bombardier incorporates superior strength, versatility and reliability with cost efficiency equivalent to a much smaller jet. It is unusually wide-bodied and can carry up to nineteen passengers in its 8.2 foot wide cabin. The cabin has also been improved to be one of the most quiet available today, making rest and work more productive. The Challenger 605 is a private jet well-suited for frequent cross-country trips under rigorous conditions, and refinements like a more advanced engines and winglets make the Challenger 605 capable of outstanding mission flexibility.


Bombardier built the Challenger 605 with the primary goal of passenger comfort. Improvements such as full time internet connectivity, greater cockpit comfort, Ethernet based audio/visual system, improved lavatory ergonomics, newly designed galley with more space and possibilities, and larger, higher windows providing more light and better views have all been incorporated into the Challenger 605. Passenger safety is also paramount in the design of the Challenger 605. The advanced, Collins, Pro Line 21 avionics suite, delivers state of the art situational awareness and less workload for its pilots.


Passengers aboard are transported at high speed cruise speeds of Mach 0.82, or 82% the speed of sound. At this swift speed, passengers are able to travel 4,600 miles. The Challenger 605 will fly passengers is total comfort and tranquility from Palm Springs to Chicago for a morning meeting and back again in time for dinner without the need to refuel! Bombardier boasts the Challenger 605 can carry 9 to 12 passengers across oceans and continents with unequalled ease and efficiency with exceptional mission capabilities. The Challenger 605 was built on a proven airframe design and the robust systems and engines have been incessantly tested and refined over 25 years. The Challenger 605 continues to carry on the outstanding legacy of comfort, reliability, dependability and capability of the original Challenger concept.

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