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Dassault Falcon 7X

<52 dB library quiet cabin Dassault Falcon

The Falcon 7X is undeniably the world’s most technologically advanced business jet. Inside the Falcon 7X, passengers feel as comfortable as in their offices or homes with a cabin interior stretching an incredible, 39 feet with 6 feet, 2 inches of headroom, and 7 feet, 8 inches of space side to side. Many interior seating arrangements are available, but the most common features three spacious lounge areas with 12 to 16 seats, tailored precisely for exact needs. Exclusive cabin designs are also available through BMW Designworks USA Group. The interior incorporates revolutionary technology and the utmost in luxurious amenities.

Dassault has implemented the next generation of cabin management from Rockwell Collins designed to make the transition from office to cabin as seamless as possible. The system incorporates a dual Blu-Ray player displaying high-definition media on wide-screen, touch screen monitors placed throughout the cabin. This system also incorporates the Alto Aviation Sound System that delivers surround sound, all controlled from an iPod touch or iPhone. Video playback, moving map, electronic window shades, and light and temperature control are all adjustable through this system as well.

Other features include fully adjustable, ergonomic seats, available in almost any material imaginable, a full-length wardrobe, stand-up lavatory, full-size galley, 28 windows, and the most advanced environmental system ever incorporated into an aircraft. This amazing temperature and pressurization system is a complete breakthrough, able to maintain a cabin altitude of 4,800 feet while the Falcon 7X is cruising at 45,000 feet. Not only will your trips be comfortable and cozy, you will enjoy peace and quiet with the 7X’s advanced quieting acoustics able to maintain noise levels less than 50 decibels at all times. A cabin air humidifier and air filtration system ensure your trip allows you to arrive rested, refreshed, and ready for business, pleasure, or both!

The range of the Falcon 7X is impressive, allowing it to travel non-stop for 6,840 miles. From Palm Springs, Toyko, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, London and Even Moscow are non-stop destinations. A flight from Shanghai to Palm Springs is even possible non-stop for 8 passengers and fuel reserves. These flights are all possible at Mach. 90, or 90% of the speed of sound. This speed is made possible by a next generation, high transonic wing, 30% more efficient than the previous generation of airfoils. This wing also allows the 7X to make the slowest, safest approach and landings of any jet in its class. The wing incorporates advanced fuselage shaping for ultimate efficiency, leading edge slats, and double slotted Fowler flaps. The aircraft is controlled just as modern jet fighter aircraft, with “fly by wire” or a Digital Flight Control System that is manipulated by the pilot with a side stick, and this system also automatically dampens turbulence, providing a more quiet and smooth ride.

Yet another feature incorporated into the Falcon 7X is the Enhanced Vision System, allowing pilot’s to see through darkness, fog, haze and snow during approach and landing. The 7X also incorporates the next generation avionics package, EASy II, that has been developed from jet fighter pilot to plane interfaces, and this technology sets new standards in safety and intuitive and intelligent flying with absolute situational awareness. With all the technology incorporated into the Falcon 7X, the future is now.

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