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Dassault Falcon 2000


The Falcon 2000 is operated by a crew of two pilots. The most popular cabin layout allows 8 passengers to travel in luxurious comfort. Another cabin layout option allows 12 passenger seats with amble room for all.

The Falcon 2000 development program used the same wing and forward fuselage of the famed Falcon 900 tri-jet. The Falcon 2000 was specifically designed with a 3,500 mile target range. The design range eliminated the need for a third jet engine, installed on the Falcon 900, for long range, overwater flights. The twin jet design allowed new, CFE 738 engines to be installed that dramatically reduced maintenance and operating costs. The CFE 738 engines were specifically designed for the Falcon 2000. General Electric and Allied Signal combined resources for the engine project and the name CFE was the designation.


The Falcon 2000 cabin is 6 feet, 6 inches shorter than the cabin of the Falcon 900. The 2000 carries slightly less fuel, baggage, and passengers than its predecessor, the Falcon 900. The design of the Falcon 900, tri-jet was aerodynamically efficient, but with the removal of the third engine, the empennage, or tail feathers, of the Falcon 2000 design needed modification for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. The solution was creating an empennage that was area ruled. This means the shape of the tail section would look like the top of a Coke bottle. The “Coke bottle” design was made possible by use of “Catia”, a three dimensional, computer aided design program.

The Falcon 2000 is the perfect aircraft to charter or acquire for trips across America for a team of 8 to travel quickly, comfortably, and quietly within a luxuriously spacious cabin.

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