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Our Core Values

Desert Jet has core values that are ingrained in every action we take – from bringing new team members into the fold, providing our service to our clients and even in how we treat each other.


Give Them the WOW

Desert Jet team members go above and beyond to provide anticipatory service to clients and each other, making an emotional impact while displaying kindness and caring.

Improve Something Today

Desert Jet team members relentlessly strive to learn more and do better. We know we need to progress quickly in order to stay ahead of the company’s growth. We take initiative, and take risks, and are not afraid of failing. Errors are inevitable but are viewed as an opportunity to learn, grow and improve. We strive to never make the same mistake twice and always learn from our mistakes.

Be Extraordinary

We take the change that comes with growth in stride, and are determined to persevere through the challenges that make us better people and a better company.

Safety is Paramount

Safety is the cornerstone of our pursuit for operational excellence. We proactively consider potential risks and hazards throughout the operation then mitigate our risks as much as possible. We all share the responsibility to use our Safety Management System to ensure we are continually improving.

Deliver on Commitments

We do what we say we are going to do and over deliver on our promises, to our clients and to each other.

Have Fun Together

We find every opportunity to celebrate our successes and cheer each other on.

Help from the Heart

We use business aviation to provide a better life to our clients, to each other, and to our community at large. We are committed to show business aviation’s value by proactively communicating what’s good about business aviation and how it contributes to the local economy and our local charitable organizations. We give back to the community by using our aircraft in ways that help others.

What our team members say about our company values;


“My favorite Desert Jet value is ‘Improve Something Today’ because it encourages us to make continuous improvements every day. There’s a lot going on at Desert Jet, and things move fast – sometimes a little too fast, and it can be overwhelming at times. How cool is it that if you discover a way to do things better or more efficiently you can actually make the change, and see the results of your idea? In a lot of jobs, they will tell you you’re empowered but you’re not really empowered – it just sounds nice. At Desert Jet we actually are empowered – we get to do stuff and change how things are done to benefit the company overall. You don’t have to be the owner, or a manager, or somebody’s favorite employee to get your ideas heard – if you have a good idea we all want to hear about it, encourage you to go for it, and watch you succeed and that’s pretty cool.”


“Desert Jet is one of the best teams I have been a part of. We have all been a part of a team in some form. Any good team can work together and accomplish its goals even in the face of adversity; but a great team, an AWESOME team, welcomes challenges and adversity. Desert Jet is growing and growing fast. As we hire new staff and train them, other employees step up, taking on things that are outside of their job description and even things they have no knowledge about. This is what makes us an AWESOME team. Every day we are striving to improve on what we already know, to learn new things and do more, becoming better together. Team members taking on extra duties so we can continue to follow through on all of commitments while we train and help our new team members learn their job duties. Desert Jet is made up of Charter, Center and Maintenance. None would know that though because there are seamless transitions between our staff. Someone is continuously ‘Improving Something Today’, making us a stronger company and the best company at KTRM and in the entire Palm Springs area.”


“I am amazed on a daily basis on how well the team comes together. This month with all the awesome awards that have gone out, there is one constant – what we deliver to our customers. Each person in the company at one time or another (if not spoken aloud) has stepped up and taken the initiative to deliver on what we at Desert Jet believe is superior service. Many times things that are out of control happen. The pilots on the road, the charter department, the FBO or even the maintenance team come together to solve the issue. Most passengers do not see what happens behind the scenes and they would be amazed about how much effort each and every one of us puts in to make sure they, the customer, feels that they receive the service that they require. It is no wonder why we have a solid customer base. This would not happen unless we ‘Deliver on our Commitments’.”


“When I envision living Desert Jet’s core values, ‘Being Extraordinary Together’ provides a platform for all other values to flourish. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of extraordinary is ‘very unusual; extremely good or impressive’.  We want to be unusual, not the norm in aviation. If we are unable to come together as a team to be extraordinary, none of the other values we have can be accomplished as an individual. Without each other, we are nothing. In order to be the best of the best to our external customer, we need to be even better to our internal customer. It is imperative we know we can have fun with each other, work hard for one another, but most of all depend on our team. All of the values tie into this one value most. How can we give the customer the WOW if we can’t rely one each other to cover us while we give that great service? How can we deliver on our commitments to our customers if we can’t pull together as a team to provide that Desert Jet experience from start to finish? While mistakes are innate in any business, it is how we learn and overcome these mistakes that really makes us stand out. That in and of itself is “unusual”, being that most companies reprimand employees for mistakes. We encourage employees to come forth with mistakes so it is a learning experience for the individual, but also for the team. When we work together to be extraordinary, we show each other as well as our customers what Desert Jet is all about – Excellence. I know the team that surrounds me, without a doubt, is extraordinary so when we are extraordinary together the opportunities are endless.”


“’Be Extraordinary Together’ is my favorite value because I see it in action at Desert Jet every day. Many times, the pilots get credit for a smooth trip as the passengers only interact with the pilots, however the teamwork behind the scenes of each trip is what I think the company really excels at! This includes everything from charter working at all hours with brokers and clients, accounting quickly handling the payment and trip expenses, detailing arriving at 4AM to prep the airplane, the FBO working in sweltering heat to ensure the aircraft is fueled and ready to go, and maintenance keeping everything turning. The teams work tirelessly to ensure the clients see us at our best all the time. If one facet makes a mistake, the others generously jump in to help recover the situation and get things running smoothly again. As all of the AWESOME awards come in each month, the majority are examples of this value. To me, this is a great indication that the hiring process is attracting the right individuals, those who have a “can-do” attitude. It is always reassuring to know that the team has our back and is willing to do anything to make sure we offer our above and beyond service to every client.”


“’Be Extraordinary Together!’ This is without a doubt, hands down my favorite value! (Not to understate the other values, also great!) I attribute this to the awesomeness of ALL my colleagues! I can’t stress enough how much I’ve learned and grown as a person both professionally and personally because of everyone. Every time I’ve had a question or was uncertain about something I’ve had someone knowledgeable to ask. Every person without hesitation is always happily willing to offer assistance. We may have 3 different departments but are definitely a unified group. With our little hiccups here and there we always find a way to come together and figure out a solution, we always find ways to improve and look ahead in anticipation of what’s around that cloud/corner. In short I get the sense that we are all ‘all in’ when it comes to the success of our company.”

“Teamwork is key! When we work together as a team, it shows and generates a positive business vibe for everyone to see. Customers love seeing that and will keep coming back if they feel at home. A few core values I read in an article and I see us excelling at:


“Each day when I arrive at work I find myself entering a remarkably supportive and productive atmosphere that is the collective result of each of us embodying Desert Jet’s core values.”

“There are many, many examples of how living Desert Jet’s core values have made and continue to make us a better company. As examples, ‘Give them the Wow’ is exemplified by the GSC staff, such as one who anticipated that a Guest’s second personal vehicle being brought up to the aircraft on arrival might be appreciated and did so prior to a request having been made. Also by all of our pilots, flying relentlessly and always stressing passenger comfort and care, such as one who requested that fresh popcorn be prepared in advance, knowing that the Passenger really loves it.  ‘Improve something today’ is exemplified by the charter sales team who have greatly expanded their operations.”


“’Be extraordinary together’ is exemplified by our executives, managers and the team members of all our departments who have struggled against seasonal adversity, some making sacrifices, professionally and personally, while continuing to do everything possible to increase our revenues. ‘Deliver on commitments’ is exemplified by the LST staff, in particular those who handle more than their fair share of early and late aircraft operations and always arrive in anticipation of unforeseen issues and return late to assist with the late operations. Their reliability is extraordinary.”


“’Safety is paramount’ is exemplified by our aircraft maintenance team and the way they so very often find an efficient solution to keep our charter fleet flying safely, as well as with the transient aircraft they service. ‘Have fun together’ is exemplified by a delicious ice cream social arranged by an executive. ‘Help from the heart’ is exemplified by one manager and the way he offered to drive to an employee’s residence on his way home to save her a trip in to work on her off day. Also by the way administration/accounting has assisted each of us in putting together our new benefit packages customized to our personal needs.”

“There are many, many more examples that I see every day from every section of our great company, and for which we should each be truly proud and grateful. I finish each day with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction due to the quality of our team and our foundation of core values, values that we carry with us beyond the scope of our professional lives.”


“Desert Jet is a great place for a multitude of reasons, though the employee group makes the top of that list. Each member of the Desert Jet Family provides demonstrative evidence day in and day out of what it means to live ‘the culture’ with Desert Jet’s values. Each team member exemplifies our company core values in their own unique way, which enables Desert Jet to stand out and  be the next industry leader. I would certainly say that above all others, each team member has found a way to live ‘improve something today’. This value both singularly and collectively has allowed Desert Jet to become a better company day by day- and we have nobody else but our own team to thank for that. I’m happy to be apart of the team and do what I can to keep building.


“I believe our team members living our company values has made us a better company for many reasons.  I have personally seen clients land and actually say ‘WOW’ when they open the door and see our team waiting to greet them with cold water, cold towels, vehicles planeside, etc. Everything that for us is standard procedure, is not standard for them by the looks on their faces and reactions.”

“On a daily basis, I see my colleagues going above and beyond the call of duty to improve the client’s experience, our surroundings, the ways they perform their duties and are constantly looking for ways to raise the bar in every way.”

“I see extraordinary teamwork everyday.  It has almost become second nature for everyone around me to lend a hand without being asked. I see doors opened for people with their hands full; I see assistance given without any words spoken. I hear terms like ‘Yes Sir, Yes Ma’am’, ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’ and ‘You are welcome’;  things that I don’t see and hear as often as I would like outside of work unfortunately.”

“I believe my word is my bond and without it I have nothing.  I was taught as a child to do what I say I will do. This is a very important core value to me personally and I was extremely happy to see this as a company value here at Desert Jet.”

“I have personally witnessed on many occasions team members changing plans they already had, arriving early, staying late and absolutely bending over backwards to keep their word. That is what we are supposed to do and much of the rest of the world has lost sight of that.”

“I have never experienced a group of people that have so much fun working together, doing their jobs and also spending time together outside work. It creates a tight bond and fun close-knit working environment.”

“There are many more examples I can give and I actually shortened this quite a bit to hopefully not bore anyone with my thoughts.  I think living our values has not only made the company better, but has also made us much better people.”


“Desert Jet has seven core values, all of which are important to being a key player in the Desert Jet team. In their own way, they each contribute to improving individual employees, our customers, and our daily internal and external interactions. I passionately and staunchly believe that they all stem from one core value- Help from the Heart. This value is the foundation upon which every other value is built. It is my favorite because with this value as the ‘heart’ of your core belief system, every other core value will fall into place.”

“To help from the heart means to put others first, with a positive and enthusiastic viewpoint. I have spoken to so many people here at Desert Jet that embody this perspective. We are not here for the pay, or the job description, or the title (although those are important!) but rather because we want to belong where people genuinely care for each other. I love that each employee treats the other like family, and supports each other in their personal and professional growth. Demonstrably, this then reflects in our customer relationships because we have cultivated a climate of giving back and helping others. Starting with something as small as holding a door open with a friendly smile, we each have a limitless potential to embrace this value and directly impact each other’s attitude. Let us all approach our day with ‘help from the heart’!”


“One of my favorite aspects as an individual is the value of being helpful. I consciously look for ways to help individuals and offer my assistance or help. Whether it is looking for ways to make someone’s job easier or simply finding a way to put my skills to good use; being helpful is a goal that I constantly strive for. I can use my skills and abilities to brighten the day of others. Seeing the smile on someone’s face or a situation take the turn for the better is why I enjoy helping others. The personal gratification of being helpful is one my favorite values as an individual.”


“The extraordinary people at Desert Jet continuously uphold ‘Helping from the Heart’, which is my favorite value. It sets our company apart, and is something I value deeply. I have witnessed this applied so many times by each and every one of our employees that I could not possibly keep up. Many in our family come from all around, and to be warmly welcomed from the start is huge. Anywhere from one department helping out another, to delivering the best experience our clients deserve, we certainly make it happen. Not only do we make it happen, but it is evident we do it because we sincerely care. I think it is great that by ‘Helping from the Heart’, we effortlessly tie in ‘Being Extraordinary Together’. I am honored to be surrounded by such a great bunch of people, and look forward to watching all the great things we will do together!”

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