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Cessna Citation Bravo

Cessna Citation Bravo

The Citation Bravo was the last incarnation of the very successful Citation II, with upgraded landing gear and avionics and new quieter engines that brought an increase in performance, range and fuel economy. The center club seating arrangement is appointed with a fold-down executive table. Sliding doors conceal a private lavatory that includes belted seating for an additional eighth passenger. Passenger seats recline, swivel 180 degrees and track laterally inboard, forward and aft for additional head and shoulder room. Exceptional short-field capabilities and seating for eight make the Citation Bravo an extremely versatile aircraft.

With more than 603 aircraft produced when production ceased in 1994, the venerable Citation II was much in need of a technological overhaul. In came the Citation Bravo. After receiving FAA certification in the summer of 1996, the Citation Bravo quickly made a name for itself in the light jet aircraft industry. Equipped with more efficient Pratt and Whitney PW530 engines, a trailing link landing gear system utilized for smoother landings, and the latest Honeywell avionics package for added safety, the Citation Bravo is one of a kind.

Desert Jet’s Citation Bravo offers the utmost in cabin comfort, luxury and versatility. Feeling hungry? Take advantage of the fully stocked refreshment center on board. Feeling tired? Cessna engineers redesigned the Bravo’s fuselage to reduce cabin noise to allow for a more relaxed flight experience.

Technicals & Amenities
  • Seats 7 passengers comfortably
  • Luxurious leather seating
  • Full refreshment center
  • Fully enclosed private aft lavatory
  • Golf club storage
  • Range of 1450 statute miles (1230 nm)
  • Cruise speed of 460 mph (390 KTAS), Mach .705
  • Entertainment System with Air Show

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