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Cessna Citation CJ4

The first CJ4 business jet flew from McConnell AFB at Wichita, KS on Monday, May 5, 2008, with the first deliveries starting up in 2010. It is a stretch extension of the CJ3, adding an additional two feet to the CJ3 cabin. The CJ4 also introduces a different wing design than the earlier models. It borrows the moderately swept wing from the Citation Sovereign, while joining forces with the Williams FJ44-4A engine to produce exceptional speed and performance benefits, while still being able to land on runways as short as 2,700 feet.

The engine is a medium bypass, twin-spool design with four compression stages and three turbine stages. It produces 3,621 pounds of takeoff thrust at sea level, static conditions, flat-rated up to 79°F. Two dual channel FADEC controlled, Williams FJ44-4A turbofan engines are installed on the CJ4.

The FADEC system also provides time-limited dispatch, diagnostics, and engine synchronization. Max payload is 2,118 pounds. And full-fuel payload is an even 1,000 pounds. At maximum takeoff weight, the CJ4 will lift off with a minimum of 3,130 feet of runway and land with as little as 2,700 ft. of available runway. The CJ4 will also climb directly to 45,000 feet in just under 27 minutes with a cruise at 451 knots, with speed to spare.

The CJ4 comes from a long line of safety proven airframes. To prove its strength and reliability, the airframe is stress-tested five times the aircraft’s standard lifetime. To date citation aircraft have logged more than 20 million flight hours and over 18 million landings. The CJ4 is another great aircraft in the Cessna fleet.

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