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Cessna Citation VI


Cessna-650-ext-3The Citation IV proposal was promptly cancelled. Instead, the Citation VI was developed, featuring longer range with greater capacity fuel tanks, and better short runway, takeoff and landing performance. The Citation VI was marketed as an economical version of the Citation III with standard avionics and a cabin interior without any custom interior upgrades as were available with the Citation III. The first flight of the VI occurred in 1991, but the market was very poor for this aircraft, and only 39 were built before the Citation VI was discontinued in May of 1995.

Cessna-650-Interior-2Inside the Citation VI, passengers enjoy a quiet cabin, spacious seating, a fully enclosed lavatory with a functioning sink, and a “stand-up” cabin. The only cabin configuration available was a 4-place club section with two forward facing seats in the aft cabin. The Citation VI is outfitted with plenty of baggage space. With 61 cubic feet of storage, the Citation VI is able to accommodate all of your luggage needs for the weekend trip from Palm Springs to Puerto Vallarta and then some.

Cessna-650-InteriorSix passengers aboard a Citation VI will arrive at destinations up to 2,550 miles away with a reserve of fuel for destinations with rapidly changing weather conditions, and the Citation VI arrives very quickly with cruising speeds just over 540 miles per hour! Four passengers are able to arrive at destinations just under 2,700 miles away with fuel reserves!

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