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Citation 650 Series

The Citation III became one of the best-selling mid-size jets of its era. With a range of 2,000 miles and at cruising speeds of Mach .83, this aircraft is able to go places, fast. This aircraft was designed for speed. The aircraft structure was designed with light-weight composites wherever possible and smooth-bonded materials to help reduce surface drag.

Citation 650 Series

Inside, passengers enjoy a quiet cabin, spacious seating, a fully enclosed lavatory with a functioning sink, and a “stand-up” cabin. Typical configurations include a 4-place club section with two forward facing seats all the way aft and either a single or two-place divan in the forward cabin. Baggage space is ample with plenty of room. With 61 cubic feet to play with, the Citation 650 is able to accommodate all of your luggage needs for the weekend trip to Puerto Vallarta and then some.

Citation 650 Series

In 1992, Cessna released the Citation VII. This model, in production for eight years, was by far the most popular variant of the Citation 650 series. Equipped with more powerful engines and a re-designed cabin to reduce ambient noise, the Citation VII is able to fly faster and farther in a much more comfortable environment.

To this day, the Citation 650 continues to be an efficient, proven performer that is a popular choice among private jet charter customers. With great range, ample speed, and a spacious cabin to complete trips between any Midwest City to either coast or a trip of New York to Miami, the Citation 650 series is a solid choice that will still be revered for many years to come.

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